Weird pictures vol 2 aka Italy

The second part of series “Weird pictures from…”.
This time we stop in Italy.

Long time no see. I am sorry for not keeping You up to date, but I had a little vacation at home and time just flies faster than I can write.

A little catch up will come soon, but in this post I would like to share some more funny pics I have taken on my trips. The last part of this series was made of pictures taken in England, so this time I would show you some other part of Europe.

Let’s make the first stop in Italy- one of my favorite places to travel to. I have been to Italy 3 times and without an exception, I have seen some weird stuff EVERY SINGLE TIME.

*Some of the pictures are taken with a phone (from “no camera period”) so quality might be not so good.

The first pictures is taken in Milan.


Someone has really made an effort. I think it looks good.

This one is taken from Genova at the same trip.


I have no idea how this kind of marketing should work, but…. I don’t think it is sending the right message. But what do I know, right!

I do have to say that Venice fascinates me. For me it is just so weird to think that you order yourself a boat for a ride, or you can literally fall in the water when missing a step on a street.


I guess this is not very drunk-people friendly. so let’s learn how to swim, before visiting Venice, okay?!

THE symbol of Italy- motorbikes. You think that they are exaggerating in movies with the rollers. IMG_20151008_152101.jpg

Yeah, they are not. You can see on the backround some more bikes. They are in rows of 7 and literally parked so full that I cannot imagine getting one out right from the middle.

The next one is taken on my hiking trip through the Alps. In one of my favorite cities Verona.


The thing was moving…. Is that not a bit too weird to be meant for kids? Okay, just me then.

I absolutely love the vibe of Verona but what is that?


I understand the whole thing with romance and stuff…. but a love letter on a plaster?! A bit too much.

And last but not least- Livigno.


Amazing place for doing sports and setting your goals up high. The greed of people is  real. Always wanting a bigger one.

That is it for today. I hope you enjoyed at least one of them because I had a lot of fun taking them. As this is dedicated to Italy let’s end it with an Italian note as well. I guess there is only one song to end this with. For good old times and people spending some amazing time in Sicily with me years ago! Buongiorno!

Weird pictures from England

8 moments in England when I felt glad to have a camera with.

I thought that this week would be fun to just go through some of the pictures I have taken on my trips. These are not the exact “tourist” pics or beautiful landscape pics, but rather funny moments caught when walking around in England.

In this post I will show you the pictures taken in England only. So these are the newest ones. I will make a part II with pictures from other places, as well.

*By the Way the featuring picture is taken from Estonia. This curious sheep is my dear friend’s.

  1. Everyone knows those red boxes. What they probably didn’t know is that locals have found new ways how to use them as (let’s be honest) noone uses them as a phone anymore.

Even the red British phones are smart nowadays.

2. This one is taken from Cornwall. I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I find British people to be quite wasters. No picture, no proof? Here you go!


It is middle of the day, sun is shining but street lights are on…. Only in England.

3. This one I took when hiking in South of Wales. I think it is quite clever considering it is a house on the coast.


So this wrecking ball is meant as a swing. Yeah not that safe but looks cool.

4. Those guys I caught when visiting London in the beginning of May. They were making this really weird noise and it was so funny.


In the park there was a black swan who was trying to start a fight with them, so those two just kept screaming and running around.

5. This one is also taken from London. Apparently there are not too many original names to choose from.


Small Chinatown, but big enough to fit Royal and Golden right next to each other.

6. This one I took from Cornwall. The very first trip around England. So this is supposed to be…. welcoming.


Friendly indeed.

7. In Cornwall, waiting for the waves…. that never came.


This guy was sitting in the water with the board for over half an h. The problem was, that there were no waves, no wind. We left him there to wait.

8. And last but not least those sheep. There are sheep everywhere. All the hiking tracks go through their “gardens” and sometimes you can find them enjoying their meal right next to the road.



Funny little fellas.

So these were the 8 moments in England when I was lucky I had my camera with. More pictures coming soon, I promise. Next time I will probably show you the rest of Europe’s highlights.

All those new memories make you think about the old ones. Lately I have been thinking about different stages and times of my life, people I have met, and people I have shared a living with (there are quite many of them, btw). Always puts a smile on my face. This song reminds me good old times and fun people. Enjoy!

Life as it is

Week 19- cooking, private gym, zumba with elderly, Estonians in Reading, BREXIT.

I thought this week I am simply going to write about what I have been up to (besides working and visiting London). It is already 18 weeks in the Kingdom…. seems like 4, though. I have few things to tell you! It is going to be one messy post.

So much has happened, but all those things seem quite minor. I have been working out more than before, cooking (as always), reading (profession related literature) etc. I really want to buy a blender so I could start doing smoothies. Right now during the whole day when I am out of home, one meal is so not enough. But my bag is too small to squeeze in more than one big meal. As I don’t have a blender yet, I decided I am going to make my own protein bars- takes little space and is very filling. I don’t really enjoy the taste of the ones they are selling in shops anyway, so I went online, bought some vegan protein (as I was looking for something as natural as possible) and looked up some recipies. If my protein bars wouldn’t contain cocoa, they wouldn’t be mine.


And they do taste like heaven!

So, as I promised in one post, I joined a gym. I found a quite small one near my work, so I thought that would be perfect. I want to do my workout right after work/ before work because otherwise I am too lazy to get my ass up. As it is quite small, I guess those serious bodybuilders and gym-fanatics don’t like it. That leaves more space for me! Can you imagine going to the gym in a big city and being the only one in there? Yeah, I basically have a private gym, that I share with one or two people from time to time. So i do my gym program 4 times a week. I decided this time not to go every day, as I have learned that I tend to do my exercises for 4 weeks and then I am bored and need some changes. So instead going every day happily for 4 weeks and then quit, I decided to do it just  4 times and keep myself interested and motivated for a longer period. So far so good. I am literally waiting to go to the gym. When i was living in Estonia, I paid 55euros for the membership. 50damn5 euros! It was not just the gym, but neither is here. I have an empty gym for 28 euros in UK. Oh boy!

I know, one is simply not going to the gym, if not taking pics of it. When I get in better shape we can discuss it again. I have always thought that the gyms are all the same, no matter in what country/city you are in. But that is not true. I have never had problems in changing rooms in Estonia, but here I had to write my first complaint letter ever. What is the problem? Nothing much, just dads walking in with kids while you are changing, moms having picnics with 3 kids and 5 other cousins in a small changing room, and in order to get to the showers you need to sail through the sea of broken bisquits/garbage they left behind from the picnic. Yesterday I simply escaped from that madness.

To be honest, at the first place I even planned to go just 3 times and 1 of the days join a zumba class. I like dancing, I love Latin music, and I enjoy zumba. SO, last week i had my first class. I didn’t really spend too much time on reading the summary, I just saw ZUMBA and they had me. When waiting for the class, I met few elderly people behind the door. I must admit I was a bit surprised, as I had never seen 70+ ladies in zumba before, but why not. The time went by and people gathered behind the door….. and all of them at the age of III youth. Okay, now it was time to panic a bit. Is it an elderly class or I am very rude to think that?! I decided not to back down and just went in with the ladies (who all could be my grandmas). Just to see, what’s up. The second the trainer saw me, she ran towards me and asked „You know it’s not an usual zumba, right?!”. Well…. yeah, I kind of figured that out. So apparently it is a ZUMBA GOLD, which is meant for beginners and 50+ people. 50+ is actually far from old, but this audience for sure was elderly. Oh boy, what I got myself into. So I still stayed for that one session and gave my best to get the sweat out. It wasn’t too bad, surprisingly, but for sure….. something else from what I was expecting. Something to cross off my list- „zumba with elderly”. It was still funny to see grandmas shaking their asses and trying to follow the routine (read: make their own out of it). SO cute! Long story short, I am still stuck with 4 times in the gym.

Another funny thing happened one day at work. I was packing my things to go home, when my colleague came and asked me to come for a second. He wanted to introduce me to his patient…. who apparently is from Estonia. Can you imagine, there is another Estonian in Reading and in my clinic. I couldn’t believe I can just speak Estonian at work. How awesome is that?!  And the same day earlier I had just been thinking if they would give Estonian patients to me or not… assuming there are not any anyway. I am so glad I met her and her husband, such lovely people. And what is more, ANOTHER ESTONIAN, right here! I already visited them at their beautiful home, so we are keeping a contact. Now I have friends in here as well! Things are getting better and better!

Most of my patients don’t even know where Estonia is. They do catch my unusual accent, but they rather think I am from Scandinavia or Croatia (not sure where that idea is from).  Despite one, who has friends in Estonia, so he has visited it quite many times. He even knew some Estonian words. Like „sandaalid” and „mulle meeldivad apelsinid”.  Hilarious! I taught him a word “valus”. Which in therapies is quite useful. And most of them do say I have very good English, so GO ESTONIAN EDUCATION!

Few weeks ago we were biking around Reading, looking for a place to put our kayak in the water. Oh yeah, by the way, someone just gave us his kayak… for free. So now we have a kayak and we are trying it out. Well mostly Tom, as I prefer taking pictures and I cannot afford dropping my camera in the water. We found some really nice lakes near by and a river full of boathouses. For me it was unusual, but apparently it is a thing here.


And I must say it was quite funny watching him trying to go straight forward! Because he wasn’t.

And last, but not least BREXIT. I have been asked quite many times if I feel threatened by it or if it influenced my decision coming here in any way. Well I for sure do not feel threatened, and nor did before. I have done everything right and I wanna believe that nothing is going to really change for people who are already here. Of course it influenced the decision. It simply gave me a push to do it sooner. Many non-British actually think UK is already out of EU… yeah, they are not, okay, relax! It doesn’t go like that. Surprisingly a lot of people, when hearing my story, are quite impressed and admire what I am doing. I must say it gives me a lot of courage and power to keep going. It was a tough start coming in here, but I believe it is going to be all worth it when I leave this country with a MSc in my pocket.

That’s it for now. I have had a little thing for Latin music as far as I know. Maybe that’s why the highest places on my bucket list (what concerns travelling) are in Latin America. Here is something to make you want to dance and maybe cross off something from YOUR list!

London, baby!

My weekend in London: crazy people, architecture and overly brave animals.

I don’t know where the time flies. It is already way too long since my last post. That means it’s time to let you know what I have been up to. I have been busy working, so nothing much to say about that. I did have a little city tour which I am going to review in a second.

As 1st of May was a day off, we decided to go to London. I wanted to go already sooner, but as we didn’t have that much time, then the guys were running around with knives, so…. we didn’t make it before May. One of my best friends from Erasmus is currently living in London so we had more than one reason to go.

We spent in London 2.5 days and in my opinion it is more than enough. We didn’t manage to see absolutely everything, but probably the most important things we did. And the last half a day we didn’t even look around, but just spent time with friends. So,  We had walked for about 2h when I felt, damn…. my kneepain is back and BIG TIME. Oh yeah, btw, I have been having terrible kneepain from time to time. It all started after my first hikes in mountains, so obviously it is related to just weak muscles and too much load at once. Lately I had the pain also at night and randomly during the day. It is damn difficult to diagnose yourself, but I think I found the main cause. Since then I have been actively training my muscles and dealing with the problem. I must say, haven’t had the pain after London. Yey!

Anyway. I had terrible knee pain the both 2 days walking around London. It started already in the beginning so we had to redo our plans as I wasn’t able to just walk anywhere. Our tour started with Tower Bridge. Hmm… I am in between with the feelings about it. I do liked it, but it wasn’t really as I expected it to be. As it is so hyped, I was expecting something…. special? It wasn’t though. It was pretty and all the people going crazy around it, but nothing shockingly beautiful. As it is a “must see”, then of course, you should visit it when in London.


After Tower Bridge we started walking by the Thames river towards Big Ben. I must say, the way there goes so fast as there are so many “crazy” people doing their things. Like a circus without animals- sounds good, right?!

Like that musician.


Like those people. Some of them more inspiring than others.

I guess when you have been reading  and seeing the pictures from something so many times that you have a certain imagination how it looks like, you are quite likely to have a little.. hmm how to say… reality check/disappointment when you see it in real life. It doesn’t apply to all of the things/places, but in my experience it does to buildings. So there it was, Big Ben…. and again I wasn’t sure if I love it or I have been taught to do so. I did like it more than Tower Bridge, though, but it for sure was not my favourite part of the city. You could really see the nice small details and all that makes it worth it to go there personally. Another place I was expecting to be wowed by was Trafalgar Square. Sounds fancy, right?! Well guess what…. it is nothing. There was literally nothing. I don’t know what I was expecting… but for sure it wasn’t nothing. I am sorry if I offended anyone who has been there and loved it…. I just didn’t- at all. Might be just my particular taste as for me it was a square like any other.

The day ended with meeting my Erasmus friend in the downtown and grabbing some beers. If you must know, the beer costed over 5 damn pounds…… Huh. We need a moment here. If you are used to 2pound beers in the pubs and suddenly they ask… double!! Yeah. After long day of walking, 1 beer was totally enough and after hearing the price, even more so. We walked around the center a bit and decided to have a dinner in Chinatown. If you imagine a big city like London, then you would expect quite a big  Chinatown as well. Well, it was just few streets. Which in my , to be honest, is super cool, because I don’t really fancy when they bring in foreign culture so much that you forget about the country you are in. So that was a nice surprise. We went to a Chinese restaurant where you have to pay 12 pounds each and can eat then as much as you like. Of course I tried everything…. which means later crawling out of the place, but still worth it. Food was okay, nothing wow, but I did try some new things, so I was pleased.


On our way home we walked by Buckingham palace, which was the biggest disappointment of the trip. I didn’t even take my camera out, because there was literally nothing to take a picture of. That’s a shame as teachers in schools really hype it (for other reasons though). Again, I am sorry, if you really liked it.

The next day my lovely Erasmus friend came with us and showed us some places she thinks are worth to visit. So we went to Harrods. Tom didn’t enjoy that at all, but I LOVED it. I know it is just a mall, but it is so damn fancy that you could ride with the escalator all day long. Didn’t buy anything there, but we just walked around and visited a fancy toilet (weird, I know). Have you ever been in a toilet where there is a Chanel’s or Hugo Boss original perfume on the table for free usage? Yeah, me neither.

After this super expensive mall we decided to go to a natural environment again and visit some parks . We went through the Hyde park and then took some pictures in the Regent’s park. Again I guess I was expecting something….. different of  Hyde park. It was nice, made you forget about the fact you were in a big city, but that was it. It was just a field of grass. And as people are used to feed the birds and animals there, we met the most human-friendly squirrel. Usually they just escape as soon as they see you, but this one basically ate from your hand. The same applied to birds. The swans were holding a bit back, but if they showed food in their hands, they came really close. When it comes to bird feeding, then I don’t think it is good, though. Swans in the park were literally eating garbage, because they trust whatever they are given. So sad. The Regent’s park was a bit different. Instead of grass fields, there were flowers and fountains. For sure less natural than the Hyde park. I liked that one as well as I got some good pictures in there- that’s why.


That crazy squirrel.

We finished our little city tour with having a bite in some street restaurant area. There were literally tens of different street retsaurant that were offering food from all kind of places in the world. There were some French cuisine, Indonesian food, Italian, Chinese, Caribbean.. you name it. I decided to try a French burger…. which I didn’t like, but as I did like the idea of the place so much, I wasn’t too sad about it. And it was sooooo many people that you could barely walk through it. In that situation I found myself discovering that I am out of that stage in my life when I enjoyed the crowds. I for sure don’t anymore. But from time to time it’s still nice to get out of home and comfortzone.


Street food introducing the world.

That’s about it. That was LONDON. I still suggest to go, but in my opinion it doesn’t need more than few days. It has it’s nice big city life features. So if you are into that, this is a place to go!

P.S As always, check out my pics as well!


Easter in Wales

Easter roadtrip around South of Wales

It is so nice to be abroad at Easter, because unlike in Estonia, you get 4 days off. This time we decided to make a little roadtrip around South of Wales. Well at first we thought we are going to make it a hiking trip, but as the weather again didn’t want to cooperate at all, we hiked only on one day for few hours. So, i guess you cannot even call it a hike.

We started already on Thursday after my work, but as we arrived to Littledean so late, we stayed there for the night. After good sleep and rich breakfast we took our bags and hit the road towards Cardiff. As it was 3 of us this time, we had 2 tents. Well, let’s say my Estonian friend didn’t enjoy sleeping in the tent too much, as she was basically sleeping under rain. She had a tent that had just one lair which means all the humidity in the tent fell on her as soon she moved around in there. In the morning she woke up almost soaking wet. And probably it wouldn’t be a problem if the nights would have been warm… but they weren’t. I was fully dressed and in 2 sleeping bags, so I didn’t feel cold but I can imagine how bad sleeping in wet tent was. During the day the temperature didn’t rise much above +10. Yes, local people were wearing shorts and t-shirts, but that didn’t make me want to take my skiing jacket, gloves and hat off. I am such a warm lover, I cannot help it.

So the 2 cities i was really looking forward to visit were Cardiff and Swansea. Unfortunately, and I really feel it’s unfortunate, because I had such high hopes, I didn’t really like either of them. It was not bad, but nothing special either. I did like the little “port” in Swansea, I think it was lovely. Especially at night with all the lights. Rest of the city, on the other hand, nothing to see, really. How disappointing. In Cardiff we visited the castle, of course, which was okay, I guess. But that was about it. We made a 4-hour walk in the city and besides the castle… I don’t think I took my camera out even once. And that is a big thing. So I don’t know… not my kind of cities. And I guess in general I have to say that the cities/towns in there are for sure not the reason to go to Wales. So, I am not going to really talk about them.


One of the few pics I took from Cardiff. Big door but small lock (if you try to look at the lock, then it’s normal door’s size). Apparently size doesn’t matter.

Rest of the trip we focused again on the coastline and searching for amazing views. In Rhossilli we even had a small 2-hour hike. Which turned out to be amazing. The sun came out, we even managed to take the jackets off for few hours, and burn our noses. As soon as i got out of the car, I smelled coconut. Of course there are no coconut trees, so I was super suspicious. The more I walked around, the more I was sure I can smell coconut. After pointing it out to my friend she agreed with me, but we couldn’t figure out what was it. An hour, or so, later Tom came and asked if we can smell coconut as well. He has quite bad nose, so now I was sure, that I am smelling it right. Apparently some yellow bushes were giving out the smell. And especially when you found a spot with no wind, you could smell the coconut so clearly. And I love coconut!


Next stop was a nice small town St Davids. They have a huge cathedral there, which at Easter time is obviously full of people. I must say I am not very cathedral/church-person. I do like the architecture, but it is not that often that I take out my camera for that. In St Davids I did. And this time I didn’t even take pictures of the architecture, but I was amazed about some patterns they used on the floors/ceilings. That “interior lover” side of me came out instantly. I couldn’t get carried away too much as someone was practicing organ at the same time. I find clerical music a bit creepy in such big cathedrals anyway, so doing the same lines all over again several times didn’t help. Probably I am the only one.

Is it just me, or those patterns are really nice indeed?! My favourite is the floor (on left). And have you ever seen wooden ceiling in church??

Almost by accident, Tom found and amazing blue lagoon near Fishguard. It was very nice beach with an amazing view. But right behind the beach there was an artificial blue lagoon. If anyone of you has visited Rummu in Estonia, then this was something like that. The water was super cold, but sooooo blue that you couldn’t even believe it. Yeah, I took like 2000 pictures. I think it is so cute and mysterious that it was hidden right behind the little hill. Most of the people would probably just settle with the view from the beach, not even knowing what’s waiting behind the hill. That’s didactical, right?!

After the lagoon we drove further and stopped in few other small towns, but as I said before, it was really nothing special. If you want to see the beauty of South-Wales, you need go to the coast! Hopefully in summer we will have a chance to visit Snowdonia as well. I am so excited and cannot wait! If the weather would cooperate just a little more than so far…

That was my Easter weekend. We managed to make  a nice 1000km roundtrip (from the map small stops missing). Check out some extra pictures, as always, from “photography”.


Time flies, soon it’s June and guess what, I AM COMING HOME! Yes, I really hope I will get the tickets and I can spend few days in Estonia. I miss my friends and family already, and as my little brother is about to graduate, I want to be there for him as well.  So all my Estonians, hopefully see you in June! If you want to meet up, let me know!

As my thoughts are already “flying over” Estonia, Curly Strings can have this post. One of their older, yet one of my favourite songs.



Week 14- back in business!

About working and same old life.

I have a great news, guys… So, FINALLY I AM NOT UNEMPLOYED!!

*Doing happy-dance!

Yes, the time has come when one of my problems/worries is solved. The private practice, I was talking about in one of my previous posts, has offered me a full-time job. I am so thankful and so excited.

So, right now I am working as a junior physio with all the other physios with at least  5-year experience. Most of them actually have even over 10. So, I really am surrounded by very experienced and good physios. What is more, I have 2 sessions every week with one of the physios to teach me manual therapy or simply talk about my patients. As I am not really qualified and don’t do manual therapy yet, they decided not to give me any neck or spine patients. Which, to be honest, is fine by me. I would like to specialise in other fields anyway, and this gives me that opportunity. So far most of my patients are with knee, shoulder, elbow, foot problems. I have discovered that I really enjoy working with feet and I am really interested in learning more about it. I have had few hips as well, but nothing too crazy. I finally feel I am doing something I really like and I really want to do. Patients are cool with the fact that I am a junior, and with less than 5 years of experience.  They still trust me, so what else can I ask for. I love this job!

The only minus is that as I was used to write everything in the computer, and now I have to do it on paper. The practice hasn’t taken over the e-system completely, so most of the stuff you need to write down on papers. But this is really the only thing.

The shifts are as long as I am used to (8h), but the speed is so much lower. I have time to read articles, check out some websites that the other physios have suggested, and really get better every day. As it is only my second week, I cannot promise you that at some point I won’t feel differently, but right now I do enjoy what I am doing and don’t really feel it is taking all of my energy like in the past. I am coming home and I have still some energy left to go work out, cook something nice, read some more about physio, or simply enjoy rest of the evening. Physio work is tiring and not so much physically but mentally. You want to be fresh and positive with every patient and really help them to get/feel better. That means, that you really give all you have. With the experience I have, I feel I cannot work in high intensity. I need time and stress free environment to be the best physio I could.

Now when I really feel i have the energy after work to do other things I am interested in, I must admit I haven’t been working out a long time. I find it so damn difficult to get myself out at home. I really need some place to go, so I don’t think about my messy room, dirty clothes waiting to be washed, dinner that needs preparing. Not to mention how tiny our room is- you can barely lay down there. I need an environment where I direct all my attention and thoughts on working out. The thing is, if you are unemployed, you cannot really afford wasting another 30pounds on simply going to the gym. And that’s how it has gone so bad.  I enjoy working out with Tom as well, but we are so different in that. He likes doing it at home, and I simply cannot find the motivation. From time to time we still do exercises together (to fix our broken bodies), but then I am mostly in physio role than really working my ass off. Today I was reading my dear friend’s blog and I got inspired again. She lives in Tasmania right now and everything she writes about finding herself and selflove… I can relate and really get inspired (you can check it out if you know some Estonian). Thank you, Margret! So, I am again looking for a gym to go to. I will not get paid until the end of the month, but….. I will find a way. As it is getting nice outside, maybe I will just start with outdoor gyms.

Generally, it is like it has been all the time. We have had quite nice weather here for some days. At the weekend it hit even over +20. Everyone who knows me, already assumes I look like a gypsy. Well…. I do. My little freckle-boys are out! It’s not too bad yet, but patients tend not to believe I’m from Estonia. Sun is another thing I feel that brings me so much energy. I like winter times, jumpers, skiing, snow…. but I LOVE summer and SUN. The more I am without the sun, the more I realise I really need it in my life.  On Wednesdays and Thursdays I am working in the afternoon shift, but I still wake up at 7. I used to be a good sleeper and enjoy being in bed until noon. Now, I feel like I am just wasting  the sunlight and time. I want to wake up early, eat breakfast, and do stuff. Like now, when writing this post. There are so many things I want to do, and the day seems to be too short with 24 hours anyway.


PS. Sorry about not being really prepared for the photo. I just wanted to add something, so it wouldn’t be just text. Yeah, it rather looks like my face is just dirty :/ ….. Okay, moving on…

Oh well, that’s all I had to say. It was a short post, but I just wanted to let you all know, I am doing good. We have a 4-day Easter coming up this weekend, so…. Soon you might see some travel stories again! AND remember, no matter what, the sun is gonna rise again! 😉

Memories from South-West of England

Roadtrip around South and South-West of England.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I couldn’t start the work before April so I had another week off. The car made it happily to England (ptuiptuiptui), so we decided to spend a week out of Reading. I searched out plenty of stuff, from which we by the end of the week didn’t manage to see any of. But I guess it is for the next time.

We started the trip by heading straight to South from Reading, hoping to see a sunset near Stonehenge. Unfortunately we didn’t make it on time, so it was already closed when we arrived. For my surprise they are asking money on the gates, and not little money. For an adult it costs 17 pounds to see the rocks…. Yes, 34 pounds to get in with your mate. That is overpriced for sure. As our plan was already ruined we decided to drive further and not wait until the morning when the gates open. We headed towards Salisbury and hoped to reach Poole by the end of the day. That night we ended up sleeping next to a cemetary near Poole. It was so creepy at first, but as we were both so tired, it didn’t really matter. In the morning and in sunlight we noticed a sign that there is a camping area in 100yards. Oeh…


Yeah, You can say I have seen Stonehenge.

For the next day we planned a little hike in Dartmoor National Park. We asked from a village what places are worth to visit, packed our bags and started walking. We took with everything. And by everything I mean everything. We thought we are going to hike over the hills and hitchhike further for few days, but English weather said, hello NO, guys! SO, it was raining all the damn day, and the wind wanted to blow off our faces. So instead of hitchhiking further, we just walked down back to the car. I must say I was a little disappointed. I guess I am just already used to hiking in big mountains and suddenly few hundred meters is not enough.  And at that moment we decided that we are not going to make this trip a hitchhiking trip. We sat in the car and started looking for a place to park the car… again. This time we didn’t go too far. Found a little space next to a small road near Princetown.  When mentioning Princetown, I must say that the roads there are crazy! Not that its just up-and-down, but they have planted some bushes right next to the road so you cannot see on the sides. And what is more, most of the time you can fit on the road only 1 car. Why?!


On our way over the hills. This time no cows, only sheep, who were so scared that escaped as soon as they noticed you coming.

The next day we were driving again towards Cornwall and the very South-West edge. In one small town local people suggested us to go to Tavistock to try local farmer’s food. After mentioning food we were already sitting in the car, speeding towards Tavistock. We ended up buying 2 types of cheese (blue cheese and hard cheese with garlic) and bread. We chose only the products that you could buy from there and nowhere else.  We wasted about 20 pounds on damn sandwich. BUT, we ate the sandwiches for like 3-4 days. The hard cheese is still left and in the fridge. So, if you divide it by the days, not that expensive after all.

From Tavistock back to the coast. Next stop was St Austell and little villages around it. Amazing coastline and amazing views! That part I recommend for sure. We took some chips from “fish and chips” in the port and enjoyed the view. It was a little rainy but the food makes it always better. And if you didn’t know, then “fish and chips” is a thing here. I think it is the most popular fast food as you can find it almost on every street. We ended up with the views in Land’s End. It is good that I can say I have been there, but I wouldn’t say you have missed anything if you haven’t. If you have visited any other coast in South of England, it is pretty much the same. I would maybe even say that the beaches before the very end were even prettier. One beach even had a little sand area, so from a distance really seamed like a paradise (check out the pic from photos). There was something like a window in the water (in Land’s End), but not sure if you can really call it a window. Surprising thing was that there are whales, sharks and dolphins swimming around. I checked the information written down for tourists and they mentioned different type of whales, sharks and dolphins. Unfortunately didn’t see any on that day. BUT, in Mevagissey I did notice a fin in the water, that from time to time just disappeared. I am not sure what was it, but I want to think it was a shark.


Can you see it?! There is a fin in the water! On the right side in first third from up. Right?! It’s tiny, but it’s there!

From the very western point we started driving back towards Bristol. As this was the town I was supposed to meet one of my very best friends from Estonia. On the way we visited Appledore (and basically all the other small ones around there), Brigewater, and Bath. I must say I LOVED that small town Appledore. This kind of town is a place I would like to live in. As the weather was quite windy and  even a bit stormy, the sea was unbelievable. We were standing on some street right next to the sea and waves just kept jumping over the wall on the street. The waves were so big that surfers seemed like ants in them. And seeing the real surfing (without the kite)- damn, I think my bucket list just got longer. About Bridgwater I cannot say much. Didn’t really leave any impression.  But I had really high hopes for Bath, but I must say I didn’t like that one either. You know, sometimes you just don’t connect with the vibes of the place and that’s it. Bristol, on the other hand, I enjoyed a lot. Nice architecture, active nightlife, river- what else can you ask for. As we arrived already in the dark, I cannot give you any feedback of the town in sunlight. The night in Bristol was nice for sure. If you like partying and getting to know the city in that way, you should go!


Nike tree in Bristol. Local people didn’t really know the reason why the trainers are hanging there either.

When we were already in Bristol, it came out my friend didn’t come there and is waiting for me in Littledean. My phone just keeps letting me down lately. I am not sure what’s the problem, but the messages are coming through like hours later. If I want my messages hours later I would just send a dove… Anyway, after walking around few hours we decided to drive for the night to Littledean and spend some time with my Estonian homie. I must say I loved that place. Really small, but so nice. She is living in a shared house there with an amazing view from the backyard. For the night we went to a little local pub to celebrate our reunion (as I haven’t seen her for 8-9 months). I don’t even remember when was the last time I was in a pub until they kicked you out. Probably in Erasmus. We had such a nice time.  The next day we walked around at her work (she’s working in a biodynamic garden in a some kind of centre). Again so peaceful, so nice. Had an amazing meal there (made by a lady from Nepal) and had to start driving back home right after.


Deep, right?! When walking around in the garden that is full of small signs and interesting cute spiritual elements, it does make you feel calm and stress free.

On our way home we stopped in Gloucester as I insisted visiting the cathedral. As soon as I heard that all the scenes in Hogwarts’ corridors are filmed there, I wanted to go. I am not that big fan (as I haven’t really read any of the books), but I am a fan enough to want to see it. I must say, I wasn’t disappointed. I just wish people nowadays would spend as much time on details when building houses as they did back then. Just incredible.

And last, but not least Oxford. I must admit, so far my favourite city. I remember I had the same feeling in Bucharest when wherever you turn, the view is amazing. You can take a picture of any of the streets and it looks fabulous. While walking around the city center I even felt a bit bad not going to study there. Fortunately it is close to Reading, so I can go back for more pictures at any time.

That is about it for this time. I added a whole bunch of pictures from the trip in my photography section, so go check it out! I had 300 of them, so unfortunately I couldn’t upload all of them.

And everyone of you who is thinking now that you should go and check out some new cities/places,  MOVE!