Weird pictures from England

8 moments in England when I felt glad to have a camera with.

I thought that this week would be fun to just go through some of the pictures I have taken on my trips. These are not the exact “tourist” pics or beautiful landscape pics, but rather funny moments caught when walking around in England.

In this post I will show you the pictures taken in England only. So these are the newest ones. I will make a part II with pictures from other places, as well.

*By the Way the featuring picture is taken from Estonia. This curious sheep is my dear friend’s.

  1. Everyone knows those red boxes. What they probably didn’t know is that locals have found new ways how to use them as (let’s be honest) noone uses them as a phone anymore.

Even the red British phones are smart nowadays.

2. This one is taken from Cornwall. I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I find British people to be quite wasters. No picture, no proof? Here you go!


It is middle of the day, sun is shining but street lights are on…. Only in England.

3. This one I took when hiking in South of Wales. I think it is quite clever considering it is a house on the coast.


So this wrecking ball is meant as a swing. Yeah not that safe but looks cool.

4. Those guys I caught when visiting London in the beginning of May. They were making this really weird noise and it was so funny.


In the park there was a black swan who was trying to start a fight with them, so those two just kept screaming and running around.

5. This one is also taken from London. Apparently there are not too many original names to choose from.


Small Chinatown, but big enough to fit Royal and Golden right next to each other.

6. This one I took from Cornwall. The very first trip around England. So this is supposed to be…. welcoming.


Friendly indeed.

7. In Cornwall, waiting for the waves…. that never came.


This guy was sitting in the water with the board for over half an h. The problem was, that there were no waves, no wind. We left him there to wait.

8. And last but not least those sheep. There are sheep everywhere. All the hiking tracks go through their “gardens” and sometimes you can find them enjoying their meal right next to the road.



Funny little fellas.

So these were the 8 moments in England when I was lucky I had my camera with. More pictures coming soon, I promise. Next time I will probably show you the rest of Europe’s highlights.

All those new memories make you think about the old ones. Lately I have been thinking about different stages and times of my life, people I have met, and people I have shared a living with (there are quite many of them, btw). Always puts a smile on my face. This song reminds me good old times and fun people. Enjoy!

Life as it is

Week 19- cooking, private gym, zumba with elderly, Estonians in Reading, BREXIT.

I thought this week I am simply going to write about what I have been up to (besides working and visiting London). It is already 18 weeks in the Kingdom…. seems like 4, though. I have few things to tell you! It is going to be one messy post.

So much has happened, but all those things seem quite minor. I have been working out more than before, cooking (as always), reading (profession related literature) etc. I really want to buy a blender so I could start doing smoothies. Right now during the whole day when I am out of home, one meal is so not enough. But my bag is too small to squeeze in more than one big meal. As I don’t have a blender yet, I decided I am going to make my own protein bars- takes little space and is very filling. I don’t really enjoy the taste of the ones they are selling in shops anyway, so I went online, bought some vegan protein (as I was looking for something as natural as possible) and looked up some recipies. If my protein bars wouldn’t contain cocoa, they wouldn’t be mine.


And they do taste like heaven!

So, as I promised in one post, I joined a gym. I found a quite small one near my work, so I thought that would be perfect. I want to do my workout right after work/ before work because otherwise I am too lazy to get my ass up. As it is quite small, I guess those serious bodybuilders and gym-fanatics don’t like it. That leaves more space for me! Can you imagine going to the gym in a big city and being the only one in there? Yeah, I basically have a private gym, that I share with one or two people from time to time. So i do my gym program 4 times a week. I decided this time not to go every day, as I have learned that I tend to do my exercises for 4 weeks and then I am bored and need some changes. So instead going every day happily for 4 weeks and then quit, I decided to do it just  4 times and keep myself interested and motivated for a longer period. So far so good. I am literally waiting to go to the gym. When i was living in Estonia, I paid 55euros for the membership. 50damn5 euros! It was not just the gym, but neither is here. I have an empty gym for 28 euros in UK. Oh boy!

I know, one is simply not going to the gym, if not taking pics of it. When I get in better shape we can discuss it again. I have always thought that the gyms are all the same, no matter in what country/city you are in. But that is not true. I have never had problems in changing rooms in Estonia, but here I had to write my first complaint letter ever. What is the problem? Nothing much, just dads walking in with kids while you are changing, moms having picnics with 3 kids and 5 other cousins in a small changing room, and in order to get to the showers you need to sail through the sea of broken bisquits/garbage they left behind from the picnic. Yesterday I simply escaped from that madness.

To be honest, at the first place I even planned to go just 3 times and 1 of the days join a zumba class. I like dancing, I love Latin music, and I enjoy zumba. SO, last week i had my first class. I didn’t really spend too much time on reading the summary, I just saw ZUMBA and they had me. When waiting for the class, I met few elderly people behind the door. I must admit I was a bit surprised, as I had never seen 70+ ladies in zumba before, but why not. The time went by and people gathered behind the door….. and all of them at the age of III youth. Okay, now it was time to panic a bit. Is it an elderly class or I am very rude to think that?! I decided not to back down and just went in with the ladies (who all could be my grandmas). Just to see, what’s up. The second the trainer saw me, she ran towards me and asked „You know it’s not an usual zumba, right?!”. Well…. yeah, I kind of figured that out. So apparently it is a ZUMBA GOLD, which is meant for beginners and 50+ people. 50+ is actually far from old, but this audience for sure was elderly. Oh boy, what I got myself into. So I still stayed for that one session and gave my best to get the sweat out. It wasn’t too bad, surprisingly, but for sure….. something else from what I was expecting. Something to cross off my list- „zumba with elderly”. It was still funny to see grandmas shaking their asses and trying to follow the routine (read: make their own out of it). SO cute! Long story short, I am still stuck with 4 times in the gym.

Another funny thing happened one day at work. I was packing my things to go home, when my colleague came and asked me to come for a second. He wanted to introduce me to his patient…. who apparently is from Estonia. Can you imagine, there is another Estonian in Reading and in my clinic. I couldn’t believe I can just speak Estonian at work. How awesome is that?!  And the same day earlier I had just been thinking if they would give Estonian patients to me or not… assuming there are not any anyway. I am so glad I met her and her husband, such lovely people. And what is more, ANOTHER ESTONIAN, right here! I already visited them at their beautiful home, so we are keeping a contact. Now I have friends in here as well! Things are getting better and better!

Most of my patients don’t even know where Estonia is. They do catch my unusual accent, but they rather think I am from Scandinavia or Croatia (not sure where that idea is from).  Despite one, who has friends in Estonia, so he has visited it quite many times. He even knew some Estonian words. Like „sandaalid” and „mulle meeldivad apelsinid”.  Hilarious! I taught him a word “valus”. Which in therapies is quite useful. And most of them do say I have very good English, so GO ESTONIAN EDUCATION!

Few weeks ago we were biking around Reading, looking for a place to put our kayak in the water. Oh yeah, by the way, someone just gave us his kayak… for free. So now we have a kayak and we are trying it out. Well mostly Tom, as I prefer taking pictures and I cannot afford dropping my camera in the water. We found some really nice lakes near by and a river full of boathouses. For me it was unusual, but apparently it is a thing here.


And I must say it was quite funny watching him trying to go straight forward! Because he wasn’t.

And last, but not least BREXIT. I have been asked quite many times if I feel threatened by it or if it influenced my decision coming here in any way. Well I for sure do not feel threatened, and nor did before. I have done everything right and I wanna believe that nothing is going to really change for people who are already here. Of course it influenced the decision. It simply gave me a push to do it sooner. Many non-British actually think UK is already out of EU… yeah, they are not, okay, relax! It doesn’t go like that. Surprisingly a lot of people, when hearing my story, are quite impressed and admire what I am doing. I must say it gives me a lot of courage and power to keep going. It was a tough start coming in here, but I believe it is going to be all worth it when I leave this country with a MSc in my pocket.

That’s it for now. I have had a little thing for Latin music as far as I know. Maybe that’s why the highest places on my bucket list (what concerns travelling) are in Latin America. Here is something to make you want to dance and maybe cross off something from YOUR list!

A day as a Brit

A little review about British habits that seem odd for me.

So now when I have been living in UK exactly 2 months already, I think I can talk a little about the weird or unusual habits I have noticed the local people have. The post will have part II and maybe III as well, but when I have observed them a little longer and get to know a little better.

SO, this post is going to be about the habits I find different that I am used to, and what I have noticed when walking around on the streets or in the shops.

As I mentioned in one other post, I have a thing with plastic bags. I think people use them way more than needed. Why do you need to take an extra bag for 2 apples or 3 bananas? It is just over consuming and wasting. In UK it is in another level, though.

 Firstly, everything packed is a bit cheaper than opened. WHY? I don’t understand. Packing costs, why is it cheaper than opened products. I get that they want people to buy more, but….. this is stupid. I am not sure how is it in Estonia  because there I always buy the opened products. Another thing is that not just most of the stuff is packed, but it is also already cut. Yes, you heard it right, cut. So instead of buying an apple (without a bag) people buy  tiny plastic bags with apple slices in it. WHAT? You cannot be that lazy, can you?! And a lot of people do it, believe it or not. And they never buy just one bag but like 4-5. The same goes with meat. Everything is packed and even separated for you. For example if a British guy wants to make meatballs for dinner, he’s not going to buy a box of minced meat, but a box of minced meat where the meat is already divided into small amounts (like meatballs). Just…. I don’t have words. This is a new level of laziness. Of course, not all the people do it, but I have noticed it in the shop often enough to mention it. I didn’t find any statistics to prove it, though. So, it might be that the overall consuming is not that much more than in other countries, and just seems to me.

The good thing is that they do recycle. The rubbish is collected every Wednesday (in our case) and you just need to put separately wastes that can be recycled and wastes that cannot. The overall plastic bag usage has dropped tremendously as well, as they put a 5p fee for it few years ago. But this is only about the bags you can ask from the till, so most of the people have big textile shopping bags with them (which is great).

If you haven’t visited UK before, then another interesting thing is, how the streets are built up in here. Well, that mostly applies to the suburban areas, but still. There are a lot of street closes. The streets doesn’t run like, oh I will go some other way today maybe turn right from the next crossroad… No. Most of the streets have dead ends, so you get stuck easily. Good thing is that you can use some small footpaths between the houses when walking, but with a car you are a bit in trouble.

Another very positive thing is, that “early birds” stick together. Whenever you go out on the streets around 6-7 when there are not many people moving around, the ones who are exercising/walking the dog or are up for some other reason at that time, always, and I must say ALWAYS, treat you with a big smile and “Good Morning!”. That little gesture almost makes you want to wake up sooner.

For now last but not least, “Cheers”. This is a word they use A LOT. Not when you are drinking a beer with someone (like I am used to), but whenever they want to thank you/show appreciation. “Cheers, mate!” You can hear it all the time and everywhere. When working at the stadium I thought, oh they want to cheer me, cause I sold them a beer, but they use it for everything else as well. For example on the street/shop it is as normal as in the bar. “Cheers” for giving me the road on the streets, “cheers” for holding the door for me, “cheers” for everything. That’s nice, huh!

So that’s it for now, here’s some English accent and melody for you to enjoy ! CHEERS!

Light at the end of a tunnel

About my employment, handricraft, cooking and make up (yes, that’s a messy post).

Another 2 weeks has passed and it’s time to let You know what the situation is like.

Last week I got my registration completed, so I am fully registered physiotherapist in UK. Whoop-whoop! The light at the end of the tunnel was not a train! To be honest, I feel like I already had a small anxiety from all the things that went wrong during those last months.

One year of being registered costs you exactly 90 pounds, but the thing is, that the „professional year” starts in April. So, as I wanted the registration as soon as possible, I had to pay for this year as well. So, this damn March costed me 90 extra pounds. But as I have been waiting for this moment for like 3 months, I was ready to pay whatever they ask me.

Few days ago I had another interview for a physiotherapist position and now I am just waiting for an answer. The practical interview included a little „test” (4 questions on paper) and some patient cases. I was in the room with 2 other physios. One of them was my patient and the other one kept throwing me cases. For example, now she’s 18yo and her knee hurts, now she’s 70 and her back hurts, what test do you know for an ankle and etc. I felt quite good, considering I haven’t done any therapies for 2 months now. They said it was okay as well, but you never know. Maybe they didn’t want to hurt my feelings. I guess we’ll see when they email me the answer.

So, that’s from my employment field. All in all, I have restored my faith.

It’s just amazing how the time flies even when you are not really doing anything. While waiting for answers from one and another, I have been trying to keep myself busy with handicraft. Yeah I know, I also feel myself like an old lady. But, it makes me feel better, when I can see that spending my days at home has at least some results. So, I have finished a crochet bikini top and a hat and another top is about to be finished soon. I guess I have found a way how to keep my nerves under control and be even just a little bit productive.


As Tom is working like crazy lately and I am not (at all), I have taken all the household duties on myself. Once in a week-2 weeks we have to clean a bit the house, so I have been taken care of our turns. I have also been cooking a lot. Trying new dishes, improving the old ones etc. As it was Estonia’s birthday last week, I made potatoes with sour cabbage. Usually my mom makes it, so it was first time for me to do it on my own. I think it turned out just fine. Not as good as hers, but eatable. On Vastlapäev I made some buns with whipped cream to feel like home again. I found some buns with seeds from a German shop and added just the whipped cream. I am not sure if it was the cream or the sugar, I felt sooooo sick after eating half of the bun. They say it is a  dairy intolerance if you have stomachache right after, but I just felt sick. I have had it before as well, but still not sure if it is from that or not.


Another thing keeping me busy and slowly bringing me back to physio-world has been watching tons of videos, how the therapists treat and assess common injuries around the world. I must say it gave me also some extra confidence before going to the practical interview, as I was sure that they use the same tests and exercises as I am. Of course, I wouldn’t prefer some of the exercises they do, but… okay. The thing with the tests are, that I know the test and what is it for, but I keep forgetting the names of the tests. I don’t know why is it so difficult to remember. And of course, they asked me some names during the interview as well. When they tell me the name, I am like, yes, of course, but at that moment, I had no idea. Maybe because there are like millions of tests and no time to focus on the damn names.

 I have also been watching some beauty-guru videos. Yeah, this is so out of the topic and I have no idea how I even got to that point, because I have been quite bad and not so into make up since I remember, and that’s why I don’t really wear much make up. I have very dry skin and everything from drugstore just looks ugly on my face. For some reason, watching the videos calms me down (when I am frustrated about not getting answers and been kept waiting for way too long) and inspires ma a bit to change my home clothes with something decent and look like a normal human being when going to the shop. What is more, I see how much stuff people buy and just throw away. This is crazy. So I have made a little research about the brands and have decided to prefer cruelty-free and recycled make up and tools. I was surprised that most of the brands I use are already cruelty-free and a huge list of other well known brands as well. Basically most of them are that doesn’t sell their products to China. As I am trying to decrease a bit my consumption and wastes anyway (I have had a thing with plastic bags for years already), I have been looking out for websites where people sell their makeup (like a second hand thing). I read some comments below and I was so surprised how closed-minded some people are in UK. Not buying make up from other people because it’s used or you don’t know who the person is, sounds  a bit stupid to me. MU artists use the same products on different people as well. You just need to clean your tools and take care of your stuff, as simple as that. Instead of throwing away the products that after swatching do not suit your preferences or skin type, people could just either give it away to someone, who could enjoy it, or sell it for a reasonable price. The least we could do is to avoid throwing away new/totally fine products and just buy new ones all the time. So, probably one day, I will come back to this idea and start developing it a bit. Just now my hands are a bit tied and I have to focus on my employment. Still, girl, if You are reading this, go check your storage of make up/beauty products and give some value to those products that you haven’t used/will probably not use.

Now, as it has been an Estonian week I greet you all with one of my favourite little reggae beats and the NEW FAITH! I have been loving this song for ages, because you can just interpret it in so many ways. For this post, and taking it from self-confidence-point-of-view, it is just perfect. If you don’t have time for introduction, play it from 1.00, but if you do, let the words touch you!

Let’s catch up!

Long time no see!
Little catch up with living in England, WEEK 6.

So I just discovered I haven’t written about England for a while. So I am about to let you all know now how I am doing.

Well, to be honest, I am not doing so good. It is week 6 and I am still unemployeed. Well, I have been going to FC Reading football matches and help out in catering, but I haven’t found anything permanent. What is the most frustrating, I still don’t have my physio registration (why, why, why??).

The only good news today is that I got my confirmation letter and I am accepted to the University of Salford. So, in autumn, Manchester, here we come! Now I really need to start saving money, though.

I have been trying to fill my time with any kind of work. I am not that kind of person that is embarrassed of so called „easy” jobs. I have done them in Estonia as well and when needed do it any time elsewhere. For me work is work and until it brings the bread on the table, it is enough (for now). For example once I helped a Slovak girl to clean few houses. I simply texted her in facebook and next day we already met and started. We cleaned just 2 houses, so it took about 3 hours all together. I have never thought what kind of people hire someone to clean their houses, but I guess I was expecting some really wealthy families. The first house was a mess and not so wealthy at all…. I don’t even understand how someone can invite a stranger to this mess and ask her to clean it up. It wasn’t just about dirty windows and floors but boxes of clothes and papers everywhere. The people are so busy&lazy that cannot even change bed sheets by themselves. Because of the mess you cannot even clean the damn floor as it is too filled with stuff. The second house, on the other hand, was in perfect shape. Everything nice and clean. Just to vacuum and wipe off the dust. That one was easily done, so I thought I can do it again. As this Slovak girl kind of bamboozled me, and told me at the very last moment that she doesn’t need my help anymore, I don’t work with her. Fortunately (kind of) one Bulgarian was also looking for a cleaner working in houses. This time I was surprised, though. Why? Well, because I needed to go to an interview first. And what is more, you need an experience for being a cleaner. Say what?! So, now you cannot even vacuum floors without having an experience. As I didn’t have any, she said I have to work under supervisor (yes, really). And what is more, I need to pay the supervisor for fuel every week when driving from one house to another. Again, what?! So that didn’t really work out either.

As I mentioned before, most of my „working days“ have been actually at Madejski stadium where I help out in catering. Right now the club is in II league and yet there are around 15000 people on every match. The first 2 times I was just an assistant, so, I was taping the beer and giving out snacks. I was actually very pleased with it, as I didn’t know the coins (if you haven’t seen British money, then just so you know, the coins don’t have numbers on them but only words) and how the till works. On the third time, however, I was still sent to a till, so I was supposed to take orders and manage the money. Oh, boy! Of course I messed up few times when I inserted wrong amounts or discovered after taking the money from a client that we just ran out of hot dogs. I had a major headache after that shift as I was so not ready for it and felt the tension the whole 5 hours. And like the stress from being responsible for the money wasn’t enough, the manager of the kiosk was horrible as well. She was kind of rude and bossy and confronted us for everything (even the stuff that was not ours to do). I was scared of her. Otherwise, this work was not that bad. A really good thing when working at the stadium is that you meet a lot of interesting people. Some of them are old and just fill their retirement working part-time, the others are students collecting some pocket money, and a lot of people are just like me- people who just moved to UK/Reading and are trying to pay the bills somehow. So I have met Tunisian, Italian, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Kazakh etc. And of course locals, who help out always, when you ask. Cheers, mates (as they like to say)!

So, back to the reality. That waiting (for my registration) is making me so stressed out. I had an interview for a massage therapist vacancy this week, in a hope to start ASAP and wait for my registration to be completed without the stress. Well, let’s say it didn’t go as planned and I got even more stressed out. While biking there I got hit by bird’s faeces (which in Estonia they say brings money/luck). The luck for sure didn’t come at the interview. I was supposed to give a trial massage and the manager decide based on that if my skills are good enough. As I am a physiotherapist, not a masseuse, I do not know 1000 techniques, which apparently is needed. He didn’t like my techniques on neck (although he didn’t actually see them, but just asked from the client) and criticised my way of asking/constructing a sentence about the client to take off his shirt before the massage. Not sure, what was that last thing about, because he was himself with very bad foreign accent, so it was very difficult (sometimes even impossible) to understand/follow. What is more, he also made a negative comment about physiotherapy that is not full of manual techniques but exercises. And here I have to mention that he asked if I am physioPRACTICER???? What is that, I have no idea. By that negative comment, he was referring that Estonian education and methods are bad/wrong. I usually take criticism quite well but at that point I just wanted to slap him and walk out. Not because I had poor techniques when handling the neck (cause maybe I really do), but because of judging something he has no idea about. And the final emotion and impression was actually based on the next thing he told me. He looked in my eyes and said he is not sure if he even wants to invest his time and money in me. Although, he wanted me to go back next week for the last chat. Why people tend to just waste their (and my) time like that? I don’t know. Because, with saying that (no interest in investing), you don’t really make a new candidate want to work for you anyway. I am very motivated to learn, as I know they do it differently here (physiotherapy), but I need an employer that is willing to invest some time in me and make me feel welcome (at least make an impression). Try to think now, that you are moving to another country and starting over in a new place. Yeah, hearing that your education and skills are not as expected, even rather bad, do not give you any confidence for next interviews and jobs. So, here I am, thinking about my next interview in a physiotherapy practice and if I really am unqualified and bad at my work.

In order not to feel completely depressed and beaten down, I just need to listen some cheerful, inspiring music, and hopefully good vibes will find me again!

About the Kingdom

Well, first of all, as I mentioned in my last post, be prepared to spend some time to get what you want. By that I mean not just filling in those 20 sheets to get one easy job on a football stadium, but also to take some phone calls, drive to another town, wait for the delivery etc. I must admit that England has taught me some patience (and my mom as well). The very first thing to do is to get a National Insurance number (NIN). That is needed for working, getting loans, and benefits, putting up pension, and saving accounts. In Reading they have a job center office, but for some reason you have to go to the next town (Oxford or Slough) to the same office to apply for the NIN (yeah, I don’t understand that either).

The first thing I noticed arriving to that office was that I saw no typical British face. Indian-British mix yes, African-British mix yes, but no typical white British guy who you could call John Smith. The staff there was very helpful and nice, I have no complaints about that, whatsoever. After getting another bunch of papers we were sent upstairs to wait with the other applicants. Of course, they were all foreigners, but the surprising thing about it was the English language level they had. Next to me sat 3-4 guys (probably from Albania or Romania by the appearance) and 2 girls (probably from Poland). All of them struggling a lot to understand the interviewer and answer the questions. One of them even with the very first question: Can you please tell me Your surname?! I am no one to judge, but at that moment I was thinking: „Wow, and I was worried about my English skills!” When the interview was done, off you go and wait for the royal mail to arrive.

When you are planning to either travel to UK or set yourself in for longer time, you should know that public transportation is quite expensive. So, either take your own car or bike with. The only option we had, after the car’ s breakdown, was to walk. Before moving here I felt tired already after walking from the center of Haapsalu to my apartment (max 2km). Not that I was that inactive, but everything was just so close that you got used to it. Here, on the other hand, I am used to walking to the downtown and back, easily (around 13-15km all together). For all you lazy ones, the ticket for one ride in a bus is 4£ (4.5€), in a train to the next city 9£ (10€), you can calculate the rest. So, if you are planning to save some money, take out your sneakers.

Another adventure we had was when trying to open a bank account. British employers refuse to transfer money to foreign banks so we needed to join some local one. We literally walked in every bank in the center of Reading and 90% of them we left with the answer „no”. Why? Well because we did not have the address approval in a form they wanted. By that I mean when you are planning to open a bank account, go to work, apply for NIN you need to prove that you are living in UK. We had a letter from the house owner with an utility bill (her name on it), but most of the offices ask for a bill coming to a certain address with your name on it. Well, guess what, no bills are coming with our names on it after just few weeks from moving in. Fortunately, found one bank that approved our letter and we got the awful thing done. So, GO HSBC!

In working field I found interesting that a minimum wage is rising by the age. So when you are 24 (like me) your minimum wage is 6.95£ (7.8€), but from 25 it already raises to 7.20 (8£). Higher than that it unfortunately doesn’t raise. Although, in all minimum wage rises every year, so from April the highest will be already 7.5£ (8.4€). There are tons of agencies which will provide you with part-time or just temporary jobs in a field you would like to work. Despite physio, though. As long as you are not registered in UK (HCPC) no one will hire you. Different types of registrations are required in quite many fields. Even just a laborer needs to have a certificate, and it all costs money, of course. For just a construction working you can manage with about 20-50£ (22.4-56€), but as a physiotherapist be prepared to save some cash. For only starting the process of the registration you have to pay 495£ (554€) and that do not guarantee you the certificate. When you indeed do get through it and will be registered then for a so called license (for a year I think) you need to pay another 90£. Good surprise after paying almost my one month salary, huh?!

People… people are very helpful and kind. Most of the British and foreign people I have met here are happily willing to help you with whatever. When working few shifts on Reading stadium I saw how nice people are, and not just your co-workers, but the customers  as well- makes your heart warm and beer cold.

Still, within those few weeks we met some terrible people as well. I guess it is like that wherever you go. So this happened: we were walking back from the center, talking about some serious „what is life about” (okay, probably about what to cook for dinner) stuff when suddenly I saw from an eye corner that a car is coming. Seconds after realising it is not going to stop, it was already in a contact with us. Well it did not hit me, but it did hit Tom and hard enough for me to see his legs flying in the air. Shock- jahhaa?! The car stopped, I was checking on him, everyone else around us as well, but not the ones sitting right in front of us in the car. Fortunately, nothing happened and we walked home on our own feet last 6km, but the fact the driver did not even ask if we were okay or come out of the car is unbelievable. You just hit someone with a car and you don’t come out of the car? I even say “sorry” when I walk into someone in the shop or slightly punch the arm when passing by. Maybe, it’s just me. After some time just standing next to the road with the people discussing why did the car drive so fast and did not let the people on the road cross it, guy on the side seat opened the door. He didn’t say anything, just looked at us. Tom was in a shock and asked instead if they are okay. He replied: „No, she’s a new driver!” (yeah, I know, weird excuse, huh). What is more, an older guy starting to defend us got named by that guy with a whole list of ugly words. Not sure how young people are raised here, but I am taught to show respect for elderly people even if you do not agree with them. And for sure you do not call them any names. Long story short, they did not apologise nor come out of the car, we just left after being sure that we were okay. With that I call you all up to notice people around you and behave like humans. Sometimes it is not about being right/wrong, but to demonstrate some humaneness and respect.

And last but not least, the weather. Well it is supposed to be winter right now and it is constantly over +5 degrees, lately even 0ver +10. To be honest, it doesn’t sound like a winter to me.  As the car broke down and I had to take only essential clothes and stuff with, as an Estonian I thought essential in winter to be winter boots and parka. Yeah, you can guess how „too much” is it even for a warm-lover like me. Fortunately, I have a pair of sneakers as well, and my winter boots can be put away for next „winter”. With the parka I’m still struggling, because with wind it is too cold to open it up, but at the same time too hot to keep it closed. So, the weather hasn’t been that bad as I expected the British weather to be. Usually half of the week is sunny, which is more than enough for an Estonian.

And a perfect song for the end of this post would be from Odd Hugo as it is raining right now.