Hanna Who?

I have answered all the questions you could ask about me down below ⬇️

Name: Hanna

Nationality: Estonian

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Languages: Estonian, English, Russian(ish). Now learning Spanish and Czech!

Eye colour: Blue

Current location: South America (As it is changing way too often, the continent is all I can tell), for more information follow ‘vancation’

Interests: Travelling, eating, hiking, sun, photography, camping, eating (I know I had it once already but I love it so much)

Pets: Back at home I  have a ginger cat Koška and a white sledge dog Kelsey

Dogs or cats: I love my cat… but I’m afraid cats are way too independent. I need the clingy fluffy friend who always wants my attention.

Favourite sports: swimming, hiking, skiing, (hot)yoga, volleyball, weights, tennis (although I have only tried 2x in my life), badminton

Favourite music: I listen all different sort of music. But probably a lot more Latin music than you would expect from a person who speaks very little Spanish

First trip: 2004, school trip to Jurmala (380km from home), Latvia. Definitely got the bug from there!

Most embarrassing moment: Oh I cannot just choose one. You can go, read, and decide yourself!

Biggest accomplishment: Making a long term relationship work, I do not know how people do it for years. But the most recent one must be MSc degree with a distinction.

Favourite meal: Vegan tomato soup, yumm

Favourite drink: My morning cappuccino

Biggest dream: Travel the world and grow old with my best friend

Life moto: A combination of 2 ideas- live (a life you will remember) and let the others live

At least I think that’s what people ask when they meet for the first time. If you are still here, thank you for getting to know me and hopefully I will have a chance to get to know you too!

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