Wellknown foods you didn’t realise are vegan

Some of the every day foods you may be surprised but are vegan.

(P.S yes, the featured image is my Paint art :D)

You’re vegan? What are you eating? Just a salad?

Yeah I used to think like that as well: If you’re vegetarian, you cannot eat any of the good stuff and if you’re vegan you cannot eat anything.

I thought after attacking the vegan community in one of my posts I need a post for their defence as well. It’s only fair. This post is for all my non-vegan friends who are still on the mindset that vegans cannot eat anything. Well guess what, even you are eating vegan foods without realising.


Any kind of white or dark bread is vegan unless they have added some cheese/beacon/eggs anything like that. A simple (without any special flavour or additions) bread is vegan.

2. Fries/chips

Unless the fries are fried in animal fat (unlikely) they are vegan. Unhealthy much? Yes, but still vegan.

3. Oreos

Yes, it was a shock for me as well. The cream between the bisquits are made of soya, so completely suitable for vegans. It has a notification for allergic people that it may contain milk.


4. Dark chocolate

Most of dark chocolates are vegan. They may have added a note for people who are allergic that it may contain nuts and milk for some reason. Probably cause they produce products with milk and nuts in it in the same factory. After realising that I also discovered that all my favourite Kalev stuff are vegan (berries in dark chocolate)!

5. Hummus/humous

Humous is a chickpea paste and is vegan (unless added some weird ingredients like usually in shop products). I’m still in progress to improve my own recipe. Last batch I made was already quite close to what I after.

6. Quacamole

One of my favourite things EVER. Quacamole is an avocado paste and also usually vegan. Some shop products may include some milk or cheese powders but the original homemade/restaurant one is vegan.

7. Falafels

Yes, those yummy kotlets are vegan. Made of chickpeas or broad beans. And they are DELICIOUS!

8. Crisps

All natural flavoured or salt, vinegar, pepper flavoured crisps are vegan as well!

9. Peanut butter

Well, daaaaaah?! But you would be surprised if you knew where they add milk, egg powders and butter to so it’s not that daaah.

10. Skittles

Yep. The rainbow candies are vegan!

11. Belvita breakfast bisquits

Unfortunately not all of their products are but quite a big range is.

12. Alpro yoghurts, puddings and desserts

Yep. I loved them already before I knew they were vegan.

13. McVitie’s digestive bisquits

Not all digestive bisquits are but those in reduced fat are!



And of course nowadays they have vegan substitutes also for gummy bears, cheese, spread, yogurt, cream, milk, mayo, milk chocolate, ice cream. Your local shops probably already provide all of them. Bigger chains like Tesco, Sainsburys may even have their own vegan products. There is bunch of other junk food that are vegan according to some sites but as I don’t really eat this kind of stuff and therefore not know the brands I’m not going to get in details in here. If you’re interested, can check them out yourself here.

As you can see there are so many products that already are vegan and so many that have substitutes. In this world you almost have to give up nothing to be vegan. Maybe a little money and some of your time to cook things properly.



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