Life in Manchester

My first 7 weeks in MANCHESTER and more.

Hi You all!

Suddenly it’s already my 7th week living in Manchester. I do not understand where the time flies. Btw! No pictures this time. I haven’t had a chance to take any good ones.

For all those who haven’t read my blog for a while, I went back to school. I think I decided already in basic school that one day I want to study in England. Here I am 10 years later doing my M.Sc degree in the University of Salford. Everyone who is interested in hearing more about how I chose the school and how I applied can message me and I can make a separate post about that. There are around 20 people on my course and 16 out of them are foreigners. We have people from Indonesia, Jordan, Greece, Poland, Iran, and as always I am the only Estonian.

We have had the school for 5 weeks now and I realised just now what I got myself into. Although I am studying part-time I am supposed to give them my final project theme already now. I had no idea where to start or what do I even want to write about. As always when I am stressed out I stop doing the assignments and watch series or youtube instead. Then I feel guilty afterwards and it is a one big witchy circle, to be honest. So I decided to loan a computer from my school (so I don’t have to carry my heavy bastard) and really start looking into the articles. That didn’t work out so well but fortunately one of my lecturers was looking for students to join one of her projects.  Thank god!  I am not going to bother you with the details but let’s say I was lucky enough to get involved with a project I am actually interested in. As I cannot really compare the M.Sc study here with anything else, I don’t even know if it is easier or more difficult than in Estonia or anywhere else. I just know that by the end of this year I have to write a 5000 word essay. The good thing, on the other hand, is that I have no other assignments to do. All the part-time students need to take only one module a semester and for my luck we don’t have any home works. In contrast to Estonian university study system, here one module means just one subject. And one subject means just one exam. Isn’t that GREAT?! Unlike back at home where in B.Sc we had around 9 in a semester.

Another amazing thing about the Uni is that they give us tons of support. As I mentioned majority of the course is from abroad. Fortunately the teachers realise that and therefore offer us plenty of options for supporting our studies. We have subject tutors, personal tutors, supporting lectures, workshops, you name it they have it. Before every assessment they even give us an opportunity to give in a draft which they will look through and give a feedback of. This little extra help really does calm us down and keeps us from a nerve breakdown.

Besides school problems, we are currently also on a hunt for a new apartment. We have to move out from our place in 1 week because of the guy who offered us the place is changing the living as well. SO, here we are, with no place to stay. We have been seeing few places but…. haven’t really got that “home” feeling yet or someone has simply got before us. We are hoping to find something for 2 years at least, so it better be a good one. Unfortunately all the places we have seen so far have major cons. One was so dirty that I did not want to touch anything in that building. Dirty floors and kitchen that has never been cleaned do not really make you feel like at home. Fingers crossed that we will find something AND SOON.

Workwise I am still unemployeed. I guess an amazing experience in Reading just spoiled me and I don’t want to do just physio work anymore. I want to find a job that I am excited about and really want to do. I simply will not have energy for school AND shitty job. So far, unfortunately, haven’t heard back from any of them. I guess I have to be patient again and wait for the right one.

Oh yeah, week ago, it was my birthday. I am 25! How?! How did that happen?! I seriously cannot even remember my age anymore. Whenever someone asks, I start from 22 and then realise I already had few more birthdays after that. In the morning of my first day being 25, Tom made me breakfast in bed and we watched Home Alone. I love this movie sooooooo much. Makes me feel all warm and homesick inside. We also went out to play bowling as I haven’t done it for such a long time and therefore insisted. I must be honest, I suck. But it was still fun. Red wine helps you to forget that fact easily. After bowling we had a dinner in an Indian restaurant. I ordered just a starter as I wasn’t too hungry. For 7 pounds I got 3 king prawns and few slices of lettuce. Yes, that was it. Although the portion was really meant as a starter it was so spicy that I felt full after all. My special day ended up falling asleep while trying to watch Home Alone 2. For some reason even Tom was tired enough to fall asleep during the movie. For me it is a usual thing as we watch the movies way too late (in my opinion). But he NEVER does. I guess we both got older that day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone who messaged and called or simply wrote a warm wish in facebook. It is always nice to see how many people think of you on that day. I guess that is it for now. I am planning to take my camera to the city center as it is SO amazing. I really really like the center of Manchester. SO I am hoping to get few pics for you guys. What else can I say? I am going to have another cup of hot chocolate now and listen some music that keeps me from getting an anxiety. About THAT SONG I guess I don’t have to say much. Obviously not because of the lyrics. The original song rather makes me cry. But because of the memories rushing back with the melody. It always helps me to feel better when I have hard times in life. Find yours and make sure it is to hand!

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