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Long time no see. I have been so busy that suddenly it’s been already way too long since my last post. I spent a week in Estonia and I really feel it gave me some new energy and strength. Thank You everyone who found some time to meet up! Although now when writing this, I have managed to got cold, so the energy is not there.

I had an amazing time in Tallinn, reminding myself how crazy one night out with girls can get. I also participated a graduation so cheers to my lil brother, who is prepearing for EC! Let’s all cross our fingers! Before that week at home I hadn’t been out for sooooooo long. Literally, last party I attended was last year. Maybe I am getting old, maybe I am just  in “that stage” of my life. I do feel quilty of not trying harder to find time for those activities I used to enjoy. But I just don’t have the energy for everything. Lately a good sleep sounds better than night out. Yeah, maybe I am just getting old.

I saw one of the most beautiful sunset at home. You can check out few of them from my photoalbum.

What else is new? Mm… We joined a yoga studio. Yes WE. I dragged Tom as well. We both seem to struggle with finding time for ourselves and fixing our broken bodies. My crazy Latvian took me to Bikram yoga few years ago and I absolutely loved it!  Since then I have been looking for a chance to get into it. It is quite expensive and in the town I used to live they did not have it.

I am quite mobile, Tom as well, but my muscles are so tight that you couldn’t even stab a knife in. Stressing about some patients and future does not help either. So 2 weeks ago I signed us both up and we have been going since then 2-3 times a week. Who doesn’t know what Bikram yoga is, then it is a yoga practiced in 42 degrees. It seems like a lot but you really get used to it fast. The heat helps to relax and every warm-loving person like me enjoys every single minute spent there. I truly love it. If the damn thing wouldn’t be that expensive though. We did get a good deal and as a trial month spent on both of us just 70 pounds.

Besides yoga, I have also been trying to start meditating. Now please, anyone who knows or practices him/herself, I would sooo appreciate any tips. I signed up in some online course where they send me bunch of stuff on my e-mail to try/read. SO, bascially so far I have been just trying to switch my mind off from everything and to focuse on my breathing only. Well…. my mind doesn’t want to stop travelling. I find it sooo difficult to not think about anything else. We also tried 12- focus meditation in that yoga place, which at least keeps you  bit busy. I know it is going to take quite a lot of time to learn it, but….. maybe I am starting with too big bites. What do you think?

So you are supposed to breathe deep in and out, and then after every round press your thumb into one number. Starting with 1 and moving up and right.

On this Tuesday I made my very first vegan birthday cake. My handsome got older again, so what kind of birthday is that without cake. Who is following me on instagram already saw that. So I wanted to make quite a traditional Estonian bisquit cake, but I have only done it with sweet cottage cheese in the past. This year as we have limited a bit our consumption, I decided to do it in vegan version. It tasted amazing!

If you’re interested in the recipe, let me know! 😉

What else…. Oh work. Work is great. I just realised I am finishing in 6 week. 6 WEEKS!! I don’t want to go. I appreciate so much what they have taught me and how much better I find myself to be now. I do think I am better physio than half a year ago, but….. as soon as I can even think that thought, I am finding myself in front of a patient I have no idea what to do with. I have learned that I enjoy shoulders knees, ankles. These are the best! I am still struggling with few hips :/ and backs are bad as always. I just don’t like them. I guess I need to push myself more in those fields. We are having some supervision sessions about backs now, so hopefully before leaving to Manchester, I am going to feel more confident in that as well.

Oh when talking about work I have a little story for you. Life aphorisms.

So few weeks ago we had an IST session. It is like a small course inside the company. This time we were all supposed to choose an interesting patient to share with the others. I was thinking that probably non of my patients are interesting for senior physios, cause they have seen everything. SO, I took one of my knee patient who had very rare diagnose. I hadn’t even heard about it before. Apparently non of the seniors either. So I found myself in a situation where I had something to teach them as well. Well that is already a little motivation for all of you to not be scared of more experienced/educated people/coworkers. We have all something to learn from each other.

Wow this could already end here, but no. After the IST we were talking about the new knowledge we got. My colleague went to the only person who did not attend it and told him about my knee patient and how excited everyone was to find about this syndrome. I should mention here that he has a lot of experience and he is really smart and trustworthy when it comes to physio. YET…. he started arguing with us about the name of the syndrome. He was 100% sure that is not spelled like I said it. So I stood there, being quite sure about my knowledge as I had read about it a lot and yet confused and insecure because an experienced colleague claims something else. Did I really read it wrong? NO! I looked it up again and I was right. So here’s the message for all of you young people working on your career: do not let anyone bring you down or make you feel insecure. Even experienced workers make mistakes and you do not have to agree with them 100%!

That is it for today. I am going to write about my Southern England weekend now, so be on hold for that! I already added the picture, you can find them in photography section. But now everyone, get up, stand up!


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