Life as it is

Week 19- cooking, private gym, zumba with elderly, Estonians in Reading, BREXIT.

I thought this week I am simply going to write about what I have been up to (besides working and visiting London). It is already 18 weeks in the Kingdom…. seems like 4, though. I have few things to tell you! It is going to be one messy post.

So much has happened, but all those things seem quite minor. I have been working out more than before, cooking (as always), reading (profession related literature) etc. I really want to buy a blender so I could start doing smoothies. Right now during the whole day when I am out of home, one meal is so not enough. But my bag is too small to squeeze in more than one big meal. As I don’t have a blender yet, I decided I am going to make my own protein bars- takes little space and is very filling. I don’t really enjoy the taste of the ones they are selling in shops anyway, so I went online, bought some vegan protein (as I was looking for something as natural as possible) and looked up some recipies. If my protein bars wouldn’t contain cocoa, they wouldn’t be mine.


And they do taste like heaven!

So, as I promised in one post, I joined a gym. I found a quite small one near my work, so I thought that would be perfect. I want to do my workout right after work/ before work because otherwise I am too lazy to get my ass up. As it is quite small, I guess those serious bodybuilders and gym-fanatics don’t like it. That leaves more space for me! Can you imagine going to the gym in a big city and being the only one in there? Yeah, I basically have a private gym, that I share with one or two people from time to time. So i do my gym program 4 times a week. I decided this time not to go every day, as I have learned that I tend to do my exercises for 4 weeks and then I am bored and need some changes. So instead going every day happily for 4 weeks and then quit, I decided to do it just  4 times and keep myself interested and motivated for a longer period. So far so good. I am literally waiting to go to the gym. When i was living in Estonia, I paid 55euros for the membership. 50damn5 euros! It was not just the gym, but neither is here. I have an empty gym for 28 euros in UK. Oh boy!

I know, one is simply not going to the gym, if not taking pics of it. When I get in better shape we can discuss it again. I have always thought that the gyms are all the same, no matter in what country/city you are in. But that is not true. I have never had problems in changing rooms in Estonia, but here I had to write my first complaint letter ever. What is the problem? Nothing much, just dads walking in with kids while you are changing, moms having picnics with 3 kids and 5 other cousins in a small changing room, and in order to get to the showers you need to sail through the sea of broken bisquits/garbage they left behind from the picnic. Yesterday I simply escaped from that madness.

To be honest, at the first place I even planned to go just 3 times and 1 of the days join a zumba class. I like dancing, I love Latin music, and I enjoy zumba. SO, last week i had my first class. I didn’t really spend too much time on reading the summary, I just saw ZUMBA and they had me. When waiting for the class, I met few elderly people behind the door. I must admit I was a bit surprised, as I had never seen 70+ ladies in zumba before, but why not. The time went by and people gathered behind the door….. and all of them at the age of III youth. Okay, now it was time to panic a bit. Is it an elderly class or I am very rude to think that?! I decided not to back down and just went in with the ladies (who all could be my grandmas). Just to see, what’s up. The second the trainer saw me, she ran towards me and asked „You know it’s not an usual zumba, right?!”. Well…. yeah, I kind of figured that out. So apparently it is a ZUMBA GOLD, which is meant for beginners and 50+ people. 50+ is actually far from old, but this audience for sure was elderly. Oh boy, what I got myself into. So I still stayed for that one session and gave my best to get the sweat out. It wasn’t too bad, surprisingly, but for sure….. something else from what I was expecting. Something to cross off my list- „zumba with elderly”. It was still funny to see grandmas shaking their asses and trying to follow the routine (read: make their own out of it). SO cute! Long story short, I am still stuck with 4 times in the gym.

Another funny thing happened one day at work. I was packing my things to go home, when my colleague came and asked me to come for a second. He wanted to introduce me to his patient…. who apparently is from Estonia. Can you imagine, there is another Estonian in Reading and in my clinic. I couldn’t believe I can just speak Estonian at work. How awesome is that?!  And the same day earlier I had just been thinking if they would give Estonian patients to me or not… assuming there are not any anyway. I am so glad I met her and her husband, such lovely people. And what is more, ANOTHER ESTONIAN, right here! I already visited them at their beautiful home, so we are keeping a contact. Now I have friends in here as well! Things are getting better and better!

Most of my patients don’t even know where Estonia is. They do catch my unusual accent, but they rather think I am from Scandinavia or Croatia (not sure where that idea is from).  Despite one, who has friends in Estonia, so he has visited it quite many times. He even knew some Estonian words. Like „sandaalid” and „mulle meeldivad apelsinid”.  Hilarious! I taught him a word “valus”. Which in therapies is quite useful. And most of them do say I have very good English, so GO ESTONIAN EDUCATION!

Few weeks ago we were biking around Reading, looking for a place to put our kayak in the water. Oh yeah, by the way, someone just gave us his kayak… for free. So now we have a kayak and we are trying it out. Well mostly Tom, as I prefer taking pictures and I cannot afford dropping my camera in the water. We found some really nice lakes near by and a river full of boathouses. For me it was unusual, but apparently it is a thing here.


And I must say it was quite funny watching him trying to go straight forward! Because he wasn’t.

And last, but not least BREXIT. I have been asked quite many times if I feel threatened by it or if it influenced my decision coming here in any way. Well I for sure do not feel threatened, and nor did before. I have done everything right and I wanna believe that nothing is going to really change for people who are already here. Of course it influenced the decision. It simply gave me a push to do it sooner. Many non-British actually think UK is already out of EU… yeah, they are not, okay, relax! It doesn’t go like that. Surprisingly a lot of people, when hearing my story, are quite impressed and admire what I am doing. I must say it gives me a lot of courage and power to keep going. It was a tough start coming in here, but I believe it is going to be all worth it when I leave this country with a MSc in my pocket.

That’s it for now. I have had a little thing for Latin music as far as I know. Maybe that’s why the highest places on my bucket list (what concerns travelling) are in Latin America. Here is something to make you want to dance and maybe cross off something from YOUR list!

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