London, baby!

My weekend in London: crazy people, architecture and overly brave animals.

I don’t know where the time flies. It is already way too long since my last post. That means it’s time to let you know what I have been up to. I have been busy working, so nothing much to say about that. I did have a little city tour which I am going to review in a second.

As 1st of May was a day off, we decided to go to London. I wanted to go already sooner, but as we didn’t have that much time, then the guys were running around with knives, so…. we didn’t make it before May. One of my best friends from Erasmus is currently living in London so we had more than one reason to go.

We spent in London 2.5 days and in my opinion it is more than enough. We didn’t manage to see absolutely everything, but probably the most important things we did. And the last half a day we didn’t even look around, but just spent time with friends. So,  We had walked for about 2h when I felt, damn…. my kneepain is back and BIG TIME. Oh yeah, btw, I have been having terrible kneepain from time to time. It all started after my first hikes in mountains, so obviously it is related to just weak muscles and too much load at once. Lately I had the pain also at night and randomly during the day. It is damn difficult to diagnose yourself, but I think I found the main cause. Since then I have been actively training my muscles and dealing with the problem. I must say, haven’t had the pain after London. Yey!

Anyway. I had terrible knee pain the both 2 days walking around London. It started already in the beginning so we had to redo our plans as I wasn’t able to just walk anywhere. Our tour started with Tower Bridge. Hmm… I am in between with the feelings about it. I do liked it, but it wasn’t really as I expected it to be. As it is so hyped, I was expecting something…. special? It wasn’t though. It was pretty and all the people going crazy around it, but nothing shockingly beautiful. As it is a “must see”, then of course, you should visit it when in London.


After Tower Bridge we started walking by the Thames river towards Big Ben. I must say, the way there goes so fast as there are so many “crazy” people doing their things. Like a circus without animals- sounds good, right?!

Like that musician.


Like those people. Some of them more inspiring than others.

I guess when you have been reading  and seeing the pictures from something so many times that you have a certain imagination how it looks like, you are quite likely to have a little.. hmm how to say… reality check/disappointment when you see it in real life. It doesn’t apply to all of the things/places, but in my experience it does to buildings. So there it was, Big Ben…. and again I wasn’t sure if I love it or I have been taught to do so. I did like it more than Tower Bridge, though, but it for sure was not my favourite part of the city. You could really see the nice small details and all that makes it worth it to go there personally. Another place I was expecting to be wowed by was Trafalgar Square. Sounds fancy, right?! Well guess what…. it is nothing. There was literally nothing. I don’t know what I was expecting… but for sure it wasn’t nothing. I am sorry if I offended anyone who has been there and loved it…. I just didn’t- at all. Might be just my particular taste as for me it was a square like any other.

The day ended with meeting my Erasmus friend in the downtown and grabbing some beers. If you must know, the beer costed over 5 damn pounds…… Huh. We need a moment here. If you are used to 2pound beers in the pubs and suddenly they ask… double!! Yeah. After long day of walking, 1 beer was totally enough and after hearing the price, even more so. We walked around the center a bit and decided to have a dinner in Chinatown. If you imagine a big city like London, then you would expect quite a big  Chinatown as well. Well, it was just few streets. Which in my , to be honest, is super cool, because I don’t really fancy when they bring in foreign culture so much that you forget about the country you are in. So that was a nice surprise. We went to a Chinese restaurant where you have to pay 12 pounds each and can eat then as much as you like. Of course I tried everything…. which means later crawling out of the place, but still worth it. Food was okay, nothing wow, but I did try some new things, so I was pleased.


On our way home we walked by Buckingham palace, which was the biggest disappointment of the trip. I didn’t even take my camera out, because there was literally nothing to take a picture of. That’s a shame as teachers in schools really hype it (for other reasons though). Again, I am sorry, if you really liked it.

The next day my lovely Erasmus friend came with us and showed us some places she thinks are worth to visit. So we went to Harrods. Tom didn’t enjoy that at all, but I LOVED it. I know it is just a mall, but it is so damn fancy that you could ride with the escalator all day long. Didn’t buy anything there, but we just walked around and visited a fancy toilet (weird, I know). Have you ever been in a toilet where there is a Chanel’s or Hugo Boss original perfume on the table for free usage? Yeah, me neither.

After this super expensive mall we decided to go to a natural environment again and visit some parks . We went through the Hyde park and then took some pictures in the Regent’s park. Again I guess I was expecting something….. different of  Hyde park. It was nice, made you forget about the fact you were in a big city, but that was it. It was just a field of grass. And as people are used to feed the birds and animals there, we met the most human-friendly squirrel. Usually they just escape as soon as they see you, but this one basically ate from your hand. The same applied to birds. The swans were holding a bit back, but if they showed food in their hands, they came really close. When it comes to bird feeding, then I don’t think it is good, though. Swans in the park were literally eating garbage, because they trust whatever they are given. So sad. The Regent’s park was a bit different. Instead of grass fields, there were flowers and fountains. For sure less natural than the Hyde park. I liked that one as well as I got some good pictures in there- that’s why.


That crazy squirrel.

We finished our little city tour with having a bite in some street restaurant area. There were literally tens of different street retsaurant that were offering food from all kind of places in the world. There were some French cuisine, Indonesian food, Italian, Chinese, Caribbean.. you name it. I decided to try a French burger…. which I didn’t like, but as I did like the idea of the place so much, I wasn’t too sad about it. And it was sooooo many people that you could barely walk through it. In that situation I found myself discovering that I am out of that stage in my life when I enjoyed the crowds. I for sure don’t anymore. But from time to time it’s still nice to get out of home and comfortzone.


Street food introducing the world.

That’s about it. That was LONDON. I still suggest to go, but in my opinion it doesn’t need more than few days. It has it’s nice big city life features. So if you are into that, this is a place to go!

P.S As always, check out my pics as well!


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