Week 14- back in business!

About working and same old life.

I have a great news, guys… So, FINALLY I AM NOT UNEMPLOYED!!

*Doing happy-dance!

Yes, the time has come when one of my problems/worries is solved. The private practice, I was talking about in one of my previous posts, has offered me a full-time job. I am so thankful and so excited.

So, right now I am working as a junior physio with all the other physios with at least  5-year experience. Most of them actually have even over 10. So, I really am surrounded by very experienced and good physios. What is more, I have 2 sessions every week with one of the physios to teach me manual therapy or simply talk about my patients. As I am not really qualified and don’t do manual therapy yet, they decided not to give me any neck or spine patients. Which, to be honest, is fine by me. I would like to specialise in other fields anyway, and this gives me that opportunity. So far most of my patients are with knee, shoulder, elbow, foot problems. I have discovered that I really enjoy working with feet and I am really interested in learning more about it. I have had few hips as well, but nothing too crazy. I finally feel I am doing something I really like and I really want to do. Patients are cool with the fact that I am a junior, and with less than 5 years of experience.  They still trust me, so what else can I ask for. I love this job!

The only minus is that as I was used to write everything in the computer, and now I have to do it on paper. The practice hasn’t taken over the e-system completely, so most of the stuff you need to write down on papers. But this is really the only thing.

The shifts are as long as I am used to (8h), but the speed is so much lower. I have time to read articles, check out some websites that the other physios have suggested, and really get better every day. As it is only my second week, I cannot promise you that at some point I won’t feel differently, but right now I do enjoy what I am doing and don’t really feel it is taking all of my energy like in the past. I am coming home and I have still some energy left to go work out, cook something nice, read some more about physio, or simply enjoy rest of the evening. Physio work is tiring and not so much physically but mentally. You want to be fresh and positive with every patient and really help them to get/feel better. That means, that you really give all you have. With the experience I have, I feel I cannot work in high intensity. I need time and stress free environment to be the best physio I could.

Now when I really feel i have the energy after work to do other things I am interested in, I must admit I haven’t been working out a long time. I find it so damn difficult to get myself out at home. I really need some place to go, so I don’t think about my messy room, dirty clothes waiting to be washed, dinner that needs preparing. Not to mention how tiny our room is- you can barely lay down there. I need an environment where I direct all my attention and thoughts on working out. The thing is, if you are unemployed, you cannot really afford wasting another 30pounds on simply going to the gym. And that’s how it has gone so bad.  I enjoy working out with Tom as well, but we are so different in that. He likes doing it at home, and I simply cannot find the motivation. From time to time we still do exercises together (to fix our broken bodies), but then I am mostly in physio role than really working my ass off. Today I was reading my dear friend’s blog and I got inspired again. She lives in Tasmania right now and everything she writes about finding herself and selflove… I can relate and really get inspired (you can check it out if you know some Estonian). Thank you, Margret! So, I am again looking for a gym to go to. I will not get paid until the end of the month, but….. I will find a way. As it is getting nice outside, maybe I will just start with outdoor gyms.

Generally, it is like it has been all the time. We have had quite nice weather here for some days. At the weekend it hit even over +20. Everyone who knows me, already assumes I look like a gypsy. Well…. I do. My little freckle-boys are out! It’s not too bad yet, but patients tend not to believe I’m from Estonia. Sun is another thing I feel that brings me so much energy. I like winter times, jumpers, skiing, snow…. but I LOVE summer and SUN. The more I am without the sun, the more I realise I really need it in my life.  On Wednesdays and Thursdays I am working in the afternoon shift, but I still wake up at 7. I used to be a good sleeper and enjoy being in bed until noon. Now, I feel like I am just wasting  the sunlight and time. I want to wake up early, eat breakfast, and do stuff. Like now, when writing this post. There are so many things I want to do, and the day seems to be too short with 24 hours anyway.


PS. Sorry about not being really prepared for the photo. I just wanted to add something, so it wouldn’t be just text. Yeah, it rather looks like my face is just dirty :/ ….. Okay, moving on…

Oh well, that’s all I had to say. It was a short post, but I just wanted to let you all know, I am doing good. We have a 4-day Easter coming up this weekend, so…. Soon you might see some travel stories again! AND remember, no matter what, the sun is gonna rise again! 😉

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