A day as a Brit

A little review about British habits that seem odd for me.

So now when I have been living in UK exactly 2 months already, I think I can talk a little about the weird or unusual habits I have noticed the local people have. The post will have part II and maybe III as well, but when I have observed them a little longer and get to know a little better.

SO, this post is going to be about the habits I find different that I am used to, and what I have noticed when walking around on the streets or in the shops.

As I mentioned in one other post, I have a thing with plastic bags. I think people use them way more than needed. Why do you need to take an extra bag for 2 apples or 3 bananas? It is just over consuming and wasting. In UK it is in another level, though.

 Firstly, everything packed is a bit cheaper than opened. WHY? I don’t understand. Packing costs, why is it cheaper than opened products. I get that they want people to buy more, but….. this is stupid. I am not sure how is it in Estonia  because there I always buy the opened products. Another thing is that not just most of the stuff is packed, but it is also already cut. Yes, you heard it right, cut. So instead of buying an apple (without a bag) people buy  tiny plastic bags with apple slices in it. WHAT? You cannot be that lazy, can you?! And a lot of people do it, believe it or not. And they never buy just one bag but like 4-5. The same goes with meat. Everything is packed and even separated for you. For example if a British guy wants to make meatballs for dinner, he’s not going to buy a box of minced meat, but a box of minced meat where the meat is already divided into small amounts (like meatballs). Just…. I don’t have words. This is a new level of laziness. Of course, not all the people do it, but I have noticed it in the shop often enough to mention it. I didn’t find any statistics to prove it, though. So, it might be that the overall consuming is not that much more than in other countries, and just seems to me.

The good thing is that they do recycle. The rubbish is collected every Wednesday (in our case) and you just need to put separately wastes that can be recycled and wastes that cannot. The overall plastic bag usage has dropped tremendously as well, as they put a 5p fee for it few years ago. But this is only about the bags you can ask from the till, so most of the people have big textile shopping bags with them (which is great).

If you haven’t visited UK before, then another interesting thing is, how the streets are built up in here. Well, that mostly applies to the suburban areas, but still. There are a lot of street closes. The streets doesn’t run like, oh I will go some other way today maybe turn right from the next crossroad… No. Most of the streets have dead ends, so you get stuck easily. Good thing is that you can use some small footpaths between the houses when walking, but with a car you are a bit in trouble.

Another very positive thing is, that “early birds” stick together. Whenever you go out on the streets around 6-7 when there are not many people moving around, the ones who are exercising/walking the dog or are up for some other reason at that time, always, and I must say ALWAYS, treat you with a big smile and “Good Morning!”. That little gesture almost makes you want to wake up sooner.

For now last but not least, “Cheers”. This is a word they use A LOT. Not when you are drinking a beer with someone (like I am used to), but whenever they want to thank you/show appreciation. “Cheers, mate!” You can hear it all the time and everywhere. When working at the stadium I thought, oh they want to cheer me, cause I sold them a beer, but they use it for everything else as well. For example on the street/shop it is as normal as in the bar. “Cheers” for giving me the road on the streets, “cheers” for holding the door for me, “cheers” for everything. That’s nice, huh!

So that’s it for now, here’s some English accent and melody for you to enjoy ! CHEERS!

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