Light at the end of a tunnel

About my employment, handricraft, cooking and make up (yes, that’s a messy post).

Another 2 weeks has passed and it’s time to let You know what the situation is like.

Last week I got my registration completed, so I am fully registered physiotherapist in UK. Whoop-whoop! The light at the end of the tunnel was not a train! To be honest, I feel like I already had a small anxiety from all the things that went wrong during those last months.

One year of being registered costs you exactly 90 pounds, but the thing is, that the „professional year” starts in April. So, as I wanted the registration as soon as possible, I had to pay for this year as well. So, this damn March costed me 90 extra pounds. But as I have been waiting for this moment for like 3 months, I was ready to pay whatever they ask me.

Few days ago I had another interview for a physiotherapist position and now I am just waiting for an answer. The practical interview included a little „test” (4 questions on paper) and some patient cases. I was in the room with 2 other physios. One of them was my patient and the other one kept throwing me cases. For example, now she’s 18yo and her knee hurts, now she’s 70 and her back hurts, what test do you know for an ankle and etc. I felt quite good, considering I haven’t done any therapies for 2 months now. They said it was okay as well, but you never know. Maybe they didn’t want to hurt my feelings. I guess we’ll see when they email me the answer.

So, that’s from my employment field. All in all, I have restored my faith.

It’s just amazing how the time flies even when you are not really doing anything. While waiting for answers from one and another, I have been trying to keep myself busy with handicraft. Yeah I know, I also feel myself like an old lady. But, it makes me feel better, when I can see that spending my days at home has at least some results. So, I have finished a crochet bikini top and a hat and another top is about to be finished soon. I guess I have found a way how to keep my nerves under control and be even just a little bit productive.


As Tom is working like crazy lately and I am not (at all), I have taken all the household duties on myself. Once in a week-2 weeks we have to clean a bit the house, so I have been taken care of our turns. I have also been cooking a lot. Trying new dishes, improving the old ones etc. As it was Estonia’s birthday last week, I made potatoes with sour cabbage. Usually my mom makes it, so it was first time for me to do it on my own. I think it turned out just fine. Not as good as hers, but eatable. On Vastlapäev I made some buns with whipped cream to feel like home again. I found some buns with seeds from a German shop and added just the whipped cream. I am not sure if it was the cream or the sugar, I felt sooooo sick after eating half of the bun. They say it is a  dairy intolerance if you have stomachache right after, but I just felt sick. I have had it before as well, but still not sure if it is from that or not.


Another thing keeping me busy and slowly bringing me back to physio-world has been watching tons of videos, how the therapists treat and assess common injuries around the world. I must say it gave me also some extra confidence before going to the practical interview, as I was sure that they use the same tests and exercises as I am. Of course, I wouldn’t prefer some of the exercises they do, but… okay. The thing with the tests are, that I know the test and what is it for, but I keep forgetting the names of the tests. I don’t know why is it so difficult to remember. And of course, they asked me some names during the interview as well. When they tell me the name, I am like, yes, of course, but at that moment, I had no idea. Maybe because there are like millions of tests and no time to focus on the damn names.

 I have also been watching some beauty-guru videos. Yeah, this is so out of the topic and I have no idea how I even got to that point, because I have been quite bad and not so into make up since I remember, and that’s why I don’t really wear much make up. I have very dry skin and everything from drugstore just looks ugly on my face. For some reason, watching the videos calms me down (when I am frustrated about not getting answers and been kept waiting for way too long) and inspires ma a bit to change my home clothes with something decent and look like a normal human being when going to the shop. What is more, I see how much stuff people buy and just throw away. This is crazy. So I have made a little research about the brands and have decided to prefer cruelty-free and recycled make up and tools. I was surprised that most of the brands I use are already cruelty-free and a huge list of other well known brands as well. Basically most of them are that doesn’t sell their products to China. As I am trying to decrease a bit my consumption and wastes anyway (I have had a thing with plastic bags for years already), I have been looking out for websites where people sell their makeup (like a second hand thing). I read some comments below and I was so surprised how closed-minded some people are in UK. Not buying make up from other people because it’s used or you don’t know who the person is, sounds  a bit stupid to me. MU artists use the same products on different people as well. You just need to clean your tools and take care of your stuff, as simple as that. Instead of throwing away the products that after swatching do not suit your preferences or skin type, people could just either give it away to someone, who could enjoy it, or sell it for a reasonable price. The least we could do is to avoid throwing away new/totally fine products and just buy new ones all the time. So, probably one day, I will come back to this idea and start developing it a bit. Just now my hands are a bit tied and I have to focus on my employment. Still, girl, if You are reading this, go check your storage of make up/beauty products and give some value to those products that you haven’t used/will probably not use.

Now, as it has been an Estonian week I greet you all with one of my favourite little reggae beats and the NEW FAITH! I have been loving this song for ages, because you can just interpret it in so many ways. For this post, and taking it from self-confidence-point-of-view, it is just perfect. If you don’t have time for introduction, play it from 1.00, but if you do, let the words touch you!

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