Let’s catch up!

Long time no see!
Little catch up with living in England, WEEK 6.

So I just discovered I haven’t written about England for a while. So I am about to let you all know now how I am doing.

Well, to be honest, I am not doing so good. It is week 6 and I am still unemployeed. Well, I have been going to FC Reading football matches and help out in catering, but I haven’t found anything permanent. What is the most frustrating, I still don’t have my physio registration (why, why, why??).

The only good news today is that I got my confirmation letter and I am accepted to the University of Salford. So, in autumn, Manchester, here we come! Now I really need to start saving money, though.

I have been trying to fill my time with any kind of work. I am not that kind of person that is embarrassed of so called „easy” jobs. I have done them in Estonia as well and when needed do it any time elsewhere. For me work is work and until it brings the bread on the table, it is enough (for now). For example once I helped a Slovak girl to clean few houses. I simply texted her in facebook and next day we already met and started. We cleaned just 2 houses, so it took about 3 hours all together. I have never thought what kind of people hire someone to clean their houses, but I guess I was expecting some really wealthy families. The first house was a mess and not so wealthy at all…. I don’t even understand how someone can invite a stranger to this mess and ask her to clean it up. It wasn’t just about dirty windows and floors but boxes of clothes and papers everywhere. The people are so busy&lazy that cannot even change bed sheets by themselves. Because of the mess you cannot even clean the damn floor as it is too filled with stuff. The second house, on the other hand, was in perfect shape. Everything nice and clean. Just to vacuum and wipe off the dust. That one was easily done, so I thought I can do it again. As this Slovak girl kind of bamboozled me, and told me at the very last moment that she doesn’t need my help anymore, I don’t work with her. Fortunately (kind of) one Bulgarian was also looking for a cleaner working in houses. This time I was surprised, though. Why? Well, because I needed to go to an interview first. And what is more, you need an experience for being a cleaner. Say what?! So, now you cannot even vacuum floors without having an experience. As I didn’t have any, she said I have to work under supervisor (yes, really). And what is more, I need to pay the supervisor for fuel every week when driving from one house to another. Again, what?! So that didn’t really work out either.

As I mentioned before, most of my „working days“ have been actually at Madejski stadium where I help out in catering. Right now the club is in II league and yet there are around 15000 people on every match. The first 2 times I was just an assistant, so, I was taping the beer and giving out snacks. I was actually very pleased with it, as I didn’t know the coins (if you haven’t seen British money, then just so you know, the coins don’t have numbers on them but only words) and how the till works. On the third time, however, I was still sent to a till, so I was supposed to take orders and manage the money. Oh, boy! Of course I messed up few times when I inserted wrong amounts or discovered after taking the money from a client that we just ran out of hot dogs. I had a major headache after that shift as I was so not ready for it and felt the tension the whole 5 hours. And like the stress from being responsible for the money wasn’t enough, the manager of the kiosk was horrible as well. She was kind of rude and bossy and confronted us for everything (even the stuff that was not ours to do). I was scared of her. Otherwise, this work was not that bad. A really good thing when working at the stadium is that you meet a lot of interesting people. Some of them are old and just fill their retirement working part-time, the others are students collecting some pocket money, and a lot of people are just like me- people who just moved to UK/Reading and are trying to pay the bills somehow. So I have met Tunisian, Italian, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Kazakh etc. And of course locals, who help out always, when you ask. Cheers, mates (as they like to say)!

So, back to the reality. That waiting (for my registration) is making me so stressed out. I had an interview for a massage therapist vacancy this week, in a hope to start ASAP and wait for my registration to be completed without the stress. Well, let’s say it didn’t go as planned and I got even more stressed out. While biking there I got hit by bird’s faeces (which in Estonia they say brings money/luck). The luck for sure didn’t come at the interview. I was supposed to give a trial massage and the manager decide based on that if my skills are good enough. As I am a physiotherapist, not a masseuse, I do not know 1000 techniques, which apparently is needed. He didn’t like my techniques on neck (although he didn’t actually see them, but just asked from the client) and criticised my way of asking/constructing a sentence about the client to take off his shirt before the massage. Not sure, what was that last thing about, because he was himself with very bad foreign accent, so it was very difficult (sometimes even impossible) to understand/follow. What is more, he also made a negative comment about physiotherapy that is not full of manual techniques but exercises. And here I have to mention that he asked if I am physioPRACTICER???? What is that, I have no idea. By that negative comment, he was referring that Estonian education and methods are bad/wrong. I usually take criticism quite well but at that point I just wanted to slap him and walk out. Not because I had poor techniques when handling the neck (cause maybe I really do), but because of judging something he has no idea about. And the final emotion and impression was actually based on the next thing he told me. He looked in my eyes and said he is not sure if he even wants to invest his time and money in me. Although, he wanted me to go back next week for the last chat. Why people tend to just waste their (and my) time like that? I don’t know. Because, with saying that (no interest in investing), you don’t really make a new candidate want to work for you anyway. I am very motivated to learn, as I know they do it differently here (physiotherapy), but I need an employer that is willing to invest some time in me and make me feel welcome (at least make an impression). Try to think now, that you are moving to another country and starting over in a new place. Yeah, hearing that your education and skills are not as expected, even rather bad, do not give you any confidence for next interviews and jobs. So, here I am, thinking about my next interview in a physiotherapy practice and if I really am unqualified and bad at my work.

In order not to feel completely depressed and beaten down, I just need to listen some cheerful, inspiring music, and hopefully good vibes will find me again!

One thought on “Let’s catch up!

  1. Minu esimene tööintervjuu läks ka väga halvasti ja täpselt sama, juhataja ise oli välismaalt loll nagu lauajalg ja ainult kritiseeris mind ja mu haridust. Ja hetkel ei saa ma rõõmsam olla et ma seda töökoht vastu ei võtnud ( ma oleks minimaalse palga eest tööle saanud sinna, aga ei). järelikult ootab sind varsti midagi palju ägedamat, pea püsti, naeratus näole ja edasi 😉


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