The beginning of the “new life”

How are you doing? How long are you going to stay there? How is the life over there? What are you planning to do? How expensive is the life there…..

This kind of questions gave me a strength to start all of this. That means, You are one of the reasons I just pulled out my laptop and started typing.

I must say that this journey has not started very easily for us. First, our car broke down while driving towards our new life, then the driver who was supposed to take us bamboozled us and we missed the ride, and as planned all the employers here would like to hire someone with a car… of course. So we arrived a bit later than expected and with no car. But as they say, everything that comes hard, must be damn good. Okay, maybe they don’t say it, but I definitely believe in it.

We moved to UK almost a month ago (not too long time, huh?) hoping to find a decent job and spend our next 8 months in a town right next to London, in Reading, saving some cash for future. I must say that after those first weeks I have not found a decent job, though. Well, if You call taping beer on a football match decent, then sure.

The ones who do not know my story before UK, then I was a physiotherapist, working in a rehabilitation center in west of Estonia. And the reason I started this journey at the first place was to gain my Masters degree (in physiotherapy) in UK. About that I will probably write some other time, when I already have something to type about.

About UK and it’s system I must say, damn… they really do like paperwork here. Before even moving to Reading I already understood, that for one registration or a tick in a box it is normal to fill in at least 10-15 sheets. Arriving and facing my first troubles getting a bank account, NI number etc I understood that they are on another level with that. Especially when you are used to Estonian IT-system everywhere. Now I can proudly say, though, that I have collected all the necessary papers and survived the paperwork (for now). I have only one tick in a box left and that is my UK physiotherapist’s registration. I have been waiting for that already 1.5 months, so fingers crossed that it will happen soon and bring a decent job with it.

Otherwise we are living in a small room in a shared house and can’t complain. Yes, the prices are a bit more than I am used to when living in Haapsalu (small town in west of Estonia), but as soon as the big money (read: more than the minimum) starts coming in, I probably will not mind. We are planning to stay here, in Reading, until autumn and from September (in case I will be accepted) move to Manchester.  As the Masters will take 2-3 years, we have to get used to British life for at least 3-4 years. And if i won’t be accepted… I will probably have to rename the blog and call it “How I failed in UK and moved back home”.

If any of you is wondering if it’s difficult to manage British accent daily basis, then jahaa?! Especially over phone, cause for some reason the quality is extremely bad. I have also noticed that many of them tend to speak very quietly, so it is not even about knowing the language or understanding the accent, but really hearing what they are saying. So you can imagine my first day working in front of 6 different beer taps… I guess I will get used to it in few months (let’s hope so).


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